Friday, May 23, 2008


The vinyl version of the New GAUZE "Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte " 12" LP PRANK 100 Will be out in a few weeks.
WE"RE NOT READY TO TAKE INDIVIDUAL MAILORDERS OR PRE ORDERS( Mainly because a bunch of the other stuff might hit at the same time and we'd rather pack one order as opposed to two or three) but We are taking reservations if Stores or Distros want to purchase these directly from us, Since They are a bit more than usual prank prices. There's a ten piece minimum and they must be paid for in advance. Contact us for details. There are only 1100 first press and they WILL sell out immediately.

The Fifth LP from Tokyo, Japanese Hardcore legends, GAUZE. Since 1981 GAUZE have played some of the world's most intense hardcore punk, and at this point might hold the title of the World's greatest continually playing, original 1980's hardcore band . A "Living tradition" of Japanese hardcore that has never mellowed with age, GAUZE have played monthly in Tokyo for 27 years, devoting most of their energy to their Live performances . Many of their songs are hammered out at their Live shows long before their sporadic recorded releases ( their last release was ten years ago!).GAUZE's songs just seem to get FASTER with each record, and the blinding ten tracks here are no exception. Issued in Japan in late 2007 as a CD- only release, this is one of GAUZE's rawest recording yet and it's first appearance on vinyl.

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