Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PRANK 13th Anniversary Show August 23rd, 2008

Prank Records will host a 13th Anniversary show on August 23rd at Annie's Social Club 917 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA 94107.
WORLD BURNS TO DEATHfrom Austin, Texas. They are flying in for this one show, maybe their only West Coast appearance this year.

IRON LUNGfrom Seattle, Washington. Also flying to play their only Bay Area show of the summer.

DESOLATION from Oakland/ San Francisco.

with Special Guests: NEEDLES from Oakland/ San Francisco.

The Show is $10. 21+ ( sorry kids, need the high bar door take to cover the flights) This Also happens to be Ken Prank's Birthday! So Come say Hi! Yay!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Ran into Nathan guitarist of Peligro Social ( and new Bay Area transplant Smashley! Welcome!) and he said that their Homecoming show tomorrow Night has been moved a few blocks over from it's original venue of Balazo to a space at 16th and Valencia by the Pork Store in San Francisco. "Just look for all the punks"
Also on the show
TV Evangelists
Follow Blindly
(who just put out a Probably way limited 7" onLoud, Fat rules)
US Kings
Duck And Cover
It's been a long break for Peligro , Stoked to see them back in action!

And if You're from outside the bay, be sure to check Peligro's awesome Debut LP on great bay area labels Tankcrimes and No Options

Thursday, July 24, 2008


MRR Reports that" their new September issue of MRR (#304) is about to go to press. This issue includes all the usual reviews, columns, etc, plus interviews with John Stabb of Government Issue , The Press, Simply Saucer, XYX, Measure [sa], Cola Freaks, Kulturekampf, and Andy T. It also features an interview with artist Raymond Pettibon, best known in the Punk world for his Covers for SST records and BLACK FLAG:

He's been kind enough to let them use some of his artwork for the cover of the issue, and as gift to(and as an incentive to become a)subscribers to maximumrocknroll will receive a version of the issue with a limited 2-color silkscreen cover. There will only be 800 of these covers printed so it's on a first-come, first-serve basis....So if you've been thinking about subscribing to MRR, now's a good time to! You can subscribe right off their home page hitting "Subscriptions" in the left-hand column.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


CAPITOL PUNISHMENT has always been one of My Favorite 80's Punk bands ,mainly because like the flyer pictured, they played some of the first hardcore and punk shows I went to ( as well as ILL REPUTE, STALAG 13, etc and many other bands that would stop and play at the Basement of the San Luis Obispo Vets hall, later the site of a Police riot at a DEAD KENNEDYS show the year after I moved back to Alabama). Their "When Putsch Comes To Shove" is one of the great underrated hardcore records of the 1980's, a total Stormer of great songs, huge production and on the original pressing, monsterous mastering by George Horn, who also has done most of Prank's releases.

Anyway I was excited to see Dale from CAPITOL PUNISHMENT has just self-released a new CD of Live and rehearsal tracks and interviews that precede their vinyl releases on their Stagedive label they've had since the 80's. These feature their original vocalist that predated any of their vinyl releases, and while maybe date from a little less of a PC era of punk and are less blistering thrash of their later stuff, they also are brimful of Fun energy and rawness often missing from bands that followed later..and are a stripped down version of the cool songwriting of Later CP.. While maybe not the best place to start with CAPITOL PUNISHMENT, it's a good treat for fans...At the end their are interviews with various Fresno bands ( including the admittedly contraversal " NBJ" who are on MRR"s " Not so quiet on the Western Front" ) but mixed with miscellaneous and ambient noise, police and party noises, makes for a fun listen. " we want to roll in the mud and say "that is art!"

Dale had also re-released the awesome Fresno 1984 Cassette compilation on CD awhile back which has lots of great tracks by Central California 80's bands and is well worth the $10.

You can order both these CD's here ASSUALT,MERE MORTALS and other bands played a lot of the Vets Hall shows I saw, and the bassist of MERE MORTALS was a pal from High school...but the CD has a great quality of different bands just guessing, making up and defining their approach to punk and having fun with it, so there's a good and interesting variety of sounds.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Prank has not updated it's website with the new stuff yet because We sold out of the new Gauze 12" in record time on the basis of sending out a message on our Yahoo group ( where new prank releases are always announced first in a bulk email) and a few internet posts. There are still copies at NO IDEA, Havoc, PAINKILLER, Moo Cow Records 16oh, Sorry State, Sound Idea Brickwall, Velted regnub and more. La Vida Es Musin London Will have these shortly. This record is currently being re-pressed.

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH " The Graveyard Of Utopia" is also currently sold out at Prank, but available at all of those places and more. WB2D thank everyone who showed up at their Shows in Europe, and we're now working on both a japanese and european version of their new LP.

PAINTBOX colored vinyl is still available through prank direct. Write for details. AVSKUM "Uppror Underifran" Lp/CD should be done any day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GAUZE U.S. TOUR in 1996....Part 2!

In retrospect, it was often asked if that show was TOO BIG for epicenter, same time they had done sold out capacity shows with everyone from BIKINI KILL to THE MAKEUP, so it didn't seem too ridiculous to book the show there, though I remember a little sense of foreboding going into it.It was a word of mouth show with no flyers, no listing in the vital bay area concert calendar "the list".
After the epicenter Fiasco, the band wanted a day of sight seeing- Japanese bands often requests days off between gigs as most don't commonly play day after day tours in Japan, THEN the recording of the prank single- (the photo of most of His Hero is gone, Katie G. Warrior and I with Gauze in their fourth LP is outside the iron Gate to Polymorph studios, taken at the end of the night they recorded), and the night before they left they were interviewed at the last minute at the Hotel they stayed at for MRR, with Ayumi Nakanishi helping translate for the interview that did not appear until the April 1997 issue of MRR. Gauze rarely, if ever, grants interviews, even in Japan, so it was quite an honor, though in retrospect I wish I'd had more time to prepare for it as there's even MORE questions I'd want to ask them now.

We then put them on a flight for Minneapolis the next day on September 10th and I took a seperate flight that routed through Dallas or Houston- I remember that I had a incredibly short connection, so had to run full steam with all this merchandise through this giant airport, otherwise Gauze would arrive at the show without me and stuff to sell, Show promoter Felix Von Havoc picked me up at the airport and took me over to the Bomb Shelter where the show was scheduled later that day.

The bomb Shelter was in a hot basement in a dodgy area of Minneapolis. Pat Davis, the original guitarist of His Hero is Gone had been attacked walking around the neighborhood there earlier that summer with a baseball bat but fended off the guy. After the show there there was a random fist fight of just neighborhood people across the street. They had been having trouble with the Police and noise complaints there, so it was decided Gauze would play early in the bill, with State of Fear playing before and then Code 13 playing afterwards. This show was video taped by a single camera angle, but decent quality and circulated in the midwest as a bootleg DVD in the past few years. Despite my efforts to stagehand, The place was small, packed and someone flew through the audience and into the drum kit ( and sent the cymbals into Hiko, Gauze's drummer) which did not go over well- You made GAUZE STOP PLAYING! but they set the equipment up again and continued.

Jack Control ( of Mind Control records/ Later World Burns to Death) drove a crew of people up from Texas for this show.We stayed with a gracious host from MISERY and spent the next day with Dan From profane playing tour guide at the Mall of america buying souveniers ,at the bar in the mall of America and later trying to find good Sake in Minneapolis ( which on short notice, at least, was impossible). The next day We flew to Chicago, again on separate flights.
The Chicago show on September 12th was set up by Martin of Los Crudos, but the problem with the show in Chicago was that CRUDOS was on tour in Japan at the time of the show. Martin had friends pick us up in this amazingly cruddy van that could not go more than 15 or 20 miles an hour or the engine would jump and stop. It stopped a lot anyway. Chicago is huge, so it was a long stop and start ride through Side streets from Midway Airport over to O'hare Airport to pick up Gauze and then back to the gig, But that aside, these friends took really great care of us. Their Show was that day at the Fireside bowl , but as they used to do, GAUZE was-suprising to us- the early show and there was some sort of Indie or garage rock show later. The fireside bowl was an Actual large bowling alley ( and now, apparently has been refurbished to JUST be that) with the lanes closed off and the bands played in the smaller area between the lanes and the snack bar.
Great chicago band MK ULTRA and Indianpolis' ICE NINE, who were working towards finishing writing a prank LP at the time ( this Lp was never recorded, though demos for some of the tracks appear as unreleased tracks on the phenomenal and recommended discography on Happy Couples never last) opened. Gauze played a great set, and jumped back on stage to play "children fxxk off" for two people from Montreal that showed up during the last song.The photo of Shin from the old Prank Poster catalogs is from this show, as well as a few photos on the insert of their fourth LP.
There was a small turnout at this Chicago show- 100 to 150 people. it might have been that it was not promoted properly with in Chicago with Crudos gone, Crudos at the time could draw between 300-500 people themselves at the fireside and maybe overestimated the draw the show would have. In retrospect it was the same as I felt New York would've been, though people like Wedge from Nine shocks terror came with a bunch of the Ohio punk people and Brian drummer from
Dropdead ( who came all the way from Rhode Island and back on greyhound)all figured it out to make it to the show. Dan and profane existence crew, so blown away by the Minneapolis show, drove down for this show ( an eight hour drive both ways!) as well.

In retrospect I can't find the MRR ads which were the primary way the tour was advertised, but it was maybe Naviete on my part that that was enough, same time there was not a broad reach of the internet in the way that there is now.The other cities were chosen for where we thought the strongest response would be.It was a different time as hardcore was still climbing out of it's collapse in the mid to late 80's and reestablishing itself as a viable music force , so the venues were whatever you could find to make it work. Prank had maybe five releases at the time of this tour,and not the broad wealth of contacts it has now.
It was also a really different time for acceptance of Japanese hardcore- it was more of a cult thing with a small group of fans, opposed to the overarching influence it has on the US and international punk scene it has now. Boxes of Gauze's only previous U.S. release, their appearance on pusmort's U.S. pressing of " thrash til death" had been clearanced for $2 apiece at Epicenter and Vacuuum mailorder a few years earlier. The JPC bootleg CD was circulating, but I think most copies of those were just shipped to japan- there were 2,000-3,000 of those made with a $6 wholesale and maybe a $2 production costs tops and after putting out a call through Vaccuum Mailorder, Gauze was generously provided 25 copies for their tour. Do the math...Well, better than nothing. FXXK the bootlegger.
In a way, I think this tour, as well as early to mid-90's West coast tours by Gaia, Assfort, Slight Slappers, Romantic Gorilla, Wag Platy, The Heck, Smash Your Face, FxxK on the Beach,Corrupted as well as Later tours on the East coast by DSB and Assualt that turned the corner towards acceptance of and later total obsession with Japanese punk in the U.S. scene.

Gauze flew back the next day on Friday, So were in the US a total of seven or eight days including the days they arrived and left. I stayed in the Pilsen over the weekend. Saturday was Mexican Independence day, and Martin's roomates cleared out for family events and I ended going to a nearby theatrical production of the OPTIC NERVE comics books that was in walking distance from their place. Fate would have it I ran into a friend of a friend I had met the year before in the Bay Area at this play, completely at random, who is now my wife and the better part of prank. Gauze declined to play our wedding five years ago, simply replying "Gauze is not wedding band"!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GAUZE US TOUR ...IN 1996! Part 1

I keep getting random emails with questions about when Gauze came to the U.S. in 1996 and get asked about it all the time, so figured I'd do a post with the story of the tour.It's a lot of obsessive detail,but so have been the questions about the tour, so Read on!

I had been a fan of Gauze since the 1980's- having traded with people in Japan in the late 80's and 90's for all of their records, and in 1992 or so a cassette tape I had made of their third LP was perpetually glued to my car stereo at all times. After moving to the Bay Area, I had visited Japan in 1995 to see a gig of GISM/GAUZE/DEATHSIDE and from that visit met people and organized a tour with ASSFORT in 1995 of a few cities on the West coast close to the SF Bay area- Santa Rosa ( an amazing show in a coffee shop to about 12 people), Berkeley, Petaluma, and SF.They also played shows around the Boston Area, set up by Yasuhiro Koketsu of the DEVOUR label, who later returned to Japan to play in MUGA. The Berkeley Gilman show is pictured on the cover of the Prank 7", which was my deal at the time, come to the U.S., record a 7" for my new label- the assfort was done at House Of Faith and I had no idea what it sounded like until I received the test pressing. In retrospect, ASSFORT was the perfect first japanese hardcore band to tour the U.S. as they were young, did not have a lot of expectations, were easy going about things and wanted to have a great time and were at their absolutely peak of a live band with their line up at the time. One of the best live bands I've ever seen... after Bad Brains.

Toshio Iijima, who then was working at either Vinyl Japan or Nat records, but now runs the great
Record Shop Base and Mangrove label was contacted by Fax as to whether Gauze would want to come to the U.S. and assisted with all the details as well as came on the tour- on the cover of the prank 7" 's he's underneath the cymbal next to Matt Average from MRR and later vocalist for Reagan SS who's taking a photo in the white shirt - you can also spot Jeff from Capitalist Casualties/Six week records ( in Glasses) in that photo and the back photo of guitarrist Momorin has Max Ward grinning along and Katie from Canada, who flew out for the shows and is now in Brutal Knights in the corner). The band gave me only a week or so to do the entire tour,as well as record the 7" for my label... so it was decided to fly between cities. They wanted to go to New York City, but at the time I had no contacts there and I felt the turn out would be low, so it was decided to go to San Francisco for Two shows-Minneapolis and Chicago. I also considered Los Angeles, but the only show I could find was a non-paying gig via Ron FInal Conflict as an add on to the band filming sequences for Decline Of Western Civilization 3 . Gauze would not have been filmed, but just played for the assembled audience.

I can't remember but I think on the thursday- * wait actually I'm wrong here, they had a day off after the SF shows then recorded then we went to Minneapolis**, The band first recorded at Polymorph studios in Oakland with Dan Rathbun. SCHLONG who had played a bunch of shows in Alabama I had set up ( including Man Or Astro-man?'s first show), turned me on to polymorph after I somehow got the part intended for lint on their insane re-working of the west side story soundtrack, Punk Side story. Gauze used Schlong's equipment and Dave Mello was kind enough to drive the band around while they were in the Bay area. The entire recording for Prank 09 was done in one afternoon, and while they considered recording a 12", they recorded five old songs and a unreleased track that was re-recorded on their fourth LP. Unfortunately, the started playing "shot" from Fuckheads in the studio but decided not to record it. The 7" of that recording never sounded as good as the Actual recording, though It was test pressed twice. There were 500 of these 7"s' with Patches and a white splatter on black vinyl that were entirely shipped to the band and the photos of the band are from the first show at Gilman, buy Ayumi Nakanishi. John Yates designed the t-shirt for the tour, turning in a really basic shirt with their logo and then I said " no john, this is the band that plays with Discharge In Japan, make something more insane!" and ended up with the shirts with the Dead Guy on them, which were probably off the mark a little bit, but were to echo the cover of "Equalizing distort" as well.

First show was Friday September 6th 1996 at 924 Gilman show was with Assfort, who had returned with a new line up and toured the area before Gauze arrived, Spazz, Dead And Gone and Eldopa . I got long time Gilman Engineer Radley Hirsch to come and do sound at Gilman so it would have the best sound possible, though he I think was a little stunned that Gauze would not stop playing even though they'd knocked themselves questionably out of tune.This show was the prank one year anniversary show and completely packed with people.
The next day, September 7th the band was scheduled to play at Epicenter Zone Record store, which used to be located at 475 Valencia in the mission. They did shows there all the time. His Hero is Gone, who I think had just completed recording " 15 counts of arson" were opening. This show was packed, and while they were playing some dork from San Jose grabbed ahold of the fire sprinkler pipe which hung over head only a few few feet from the audience, swung on it, and it broke in half under his weight and started spraying water everywhere like a high pressure hose. Carl Auge, His hero's bassist realized what was happening and turned off the band's equipment before they were electrocuted.Ironically, the next song on their set list was "rain Dance"!! Devon Morf made a valiant attempt to plug the pipe shut with the t-shirt he was wearing at the time, and on the 12" label of "15 counts of Arson" you can see him, shirtless, with William From Copout/
Talk Is Poison and Timojhen Mark of Vacuum Mailorder and MRR trying to figure out what to do. The HHIG banner in the photo is duct taped over the large wall painting by now-famous gallery/graphitti artist Barry "Twist" MCGee that was in the back of epicenter. Later it came out, maybe in MRR, that Epicenter worker and MRR contributor Tom Hopkins had let the guy who swung on the pipe in the show for free in exchange for free drinks the night before, a fact he apologized for or at least admitted he liked the free drinks! Gauze meanwhile had been hanging out backstage in what used to be Blacklist mailorder and We rushed them out of the building with everyone else as the fire department showed up. We wanted to cover tracks that a concert had been going on, so
Jello Biafra helped me carry all of Gauze's t-shirts back to the Van we were using. While everyone at Epicenter was in a total panic ( and luckily their stock was in a part of the building with no sprinklers and was undamaged) the fire Department, walks in, sees that no one is dead and nothing is on fire and nonchalantly goes and gets a pump to pump the water out of the building. Floyd took Epicenters Freight elevator down to see if he could find the water main, and said it was insane, like taking an elevator down a waterfall. Bad thing is the pipe being broken also set off the fire sprinklers in the clothing store below epicenter, soaking the entire place and their inventory...and since Epicenter was sliding away from being a great record store at the time, this caused them to stop being able to do shows which by then was really supporting the place and it sadly closed a few years later.

Gauze Sat outside and smoked cigarettes,They were then surprised when Pushead walked up with a member of City Indian who was here on business-who they said they had not seen in ten years. A member of the JAKS skate team tried to get us to go over to their annual party and jump on the bill there, but it was too chaotic, and We had to fly to Minneapolis the next day. I asked them if something like this had ever happened in one of their shows in Japan. They thought about it for a second, took another drag on their cigarettes and cooly replied " No...".

Thursday, July 3, 2008


D.S.B. on their continued world tour will return to the U.S. for a Major tour in the Fall, tenative dates below:

Thurs 25th Austin,TX at Beerland w/ Parasytic and No Talk
Fri 26th Austin,TX at Red 7 w/ Wolfbrigade,World Burns to Death and Bastard Sons Of Apocalypse
Sat 27th Houston,TX w/ Wolfbrigade and World Burns to Death
Sun 28th Denton,TX at Rubber Gloves w/ Wolfbrigade
Mon 29th Mcallan,TX at the Garage w/ Bastard Sons of Apocalypse

Mon 6th San Antonio,TX
Tues 7th New Orleans,LA
Wed 8th Chattanooga,TN
Thurs 9th Athens,GA at the Go Bar w/ American Cheeseburger
Fri 10th Asheville,NC at the Eye Sore studio
Sat 11th Richmond,VA
Sun 12th Winchester,VA at Dung Beetles Bar and Grill
Mon 13th OFF
Tues 14th Allentown,PA at Jan's Room
Wed 15th Philly,PA at Disgraceland
Thurs 16th Boston,MA at the Ratsceller
Fri 17th New York City,NY
Sat 18th New York City,NY at ABC no Rio w/ No Fucker
Sun 19th Albany,NY at Valentine's w/ No Fucker
Mon 20th OFF
Tues 21st Pittsburgh,PA w/ No Fucker
Wed 22nd Cleveland,OH at Now That's Class w/ No Fucker
Thurs 23rd Detroit,MI w/ Wolf Eyes and No Fucker
Fri 24th Chicago,IL w/ 2nd Degree
Sat 25th Milwaukee,WI w/ 2nd Degree
Sun 26th Minneapolis,MN w/ 2nd Degree,Detonate and Living Hell
Mon 27th Minneapolis,MN at Memory Lanes w/ 2nd Degree,Detonate and Question
Tues 28th OFF
Wed 29th Madison,WI
Thurs 30th Chicago,IL
Fri 31st St Louis,MO

Sat 1st Nashville,TN
Sun 2nd Raleigh,NC w/ the Despised
Mon 3rd Virginia Beach,VA or maybe a 2nd Richmond show?
Tues 4th Washington,D.C.
Wed 5th Providence,RI w/ Hellshock,After the Bombs and the Estranged

Tues 11th Fly to West Coast
Wed 12th L.A. w/ Peligro Social
Thurs 13th L.A. at the aws outdoor arena w/ Peligro Social
Fri 14th San Fran,CA at the Parkside w/ Peligro Social
Sat 15th Berkley,CA at Gilman St. w/ Peligro Social
Sun 16th San Jose,CA w/ Peligro Social
Mon 17th Sacramento,CA w/ Peligro Social
Tues 18th OFF
Wed 19th Southern,OR w/ Peligro Social
Thurs 20th Portland,OR w/ Peligro Social

Sat 22nd Seattle,WA w/ Peligro Social
Sun 23rd Portland,OR w/ Peligro Social

DSB released a great new CD last year or so on MANGROVE callled "Kill the Phantom City" as an additon to their impressive discography. Partners of Crime were planning a re-issue of the first classic DSB LP and we're hoping that and a vinyl press of the new Lp still happens!


NAGOYA, JAPAN's NICE VIEW are apparently touring the Midwest with Hellnation in August! keep watching the Sound Pollution site for Updates:

August 9th Lima, Ohio @ Jim's Leather Shop
August 10th Pittsburgh @ Roboto
August 11th Philadelphia @ Puppy Mill
August 12th Baltimore @ Celebrated Summer Records
August 13th Cleveland @ Now That's Class 10pm gig
August 14th Grand Rapids Lima, Ohio @ Jim's Leather Shop

Hopefully a Nice View CD collecting all the EPs and compilation tracks out on Sound Pollution Records (hopefully) in time for this tour.

NICE VIEW are one of the best Power violence bands from Japan, though their music now has grown to encompass influences way beyond that. We tried to get them here for the first SUPER SABADO GIGANTE in 2003 and are stoked they will finally make it over. They released their first full length CD, after existing for YEARS, a year or two back on Japan's SONZAI RECORDS. If you're in the midwest don't miss the shows!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


After unprecedented Pressing plant delays, the latest prank releases are now available! Prank is having set deals on all four releases, so drop us a line if you want ordering information or check

“The Graveyard Of Utopia” LP

8 Track Raging Attack of Absolute Hardcore... with searing guitars, a thundering and rapid fire drum pound, and harsh vocals spitting forth a brutal vision. This third LP from Austin, Texas's WORLD BURNS TO DEATH further evolves and refines their trademark sound as dark, ramcharging ultra-punk comes full circle... Here is the speed and severity of their debut 45's AND the refinement, heaviness and precision of their two previous landmark albums on Hardcore Holocaust .While WB2D's lyrics have always been caged in Historical reference, the theme of this LP is rooted in the Failures, Disasters and Massacres of the Soviet State Apparatus and the records packaging includes a detailed 12- page lyric booklet..

"The Graveyard Of Utopia", was tracked initially in Tokyo, Japan after the WB2D 2007 Japanese tour at the legendary OUR HOUSE studios with final recording tweaks and mixing done at THE BUBBLE in Austin . It features guest appearances from Ishiya FORWARD , Iizawa BASTARD/JUDGEMENT/ TETSU AREI Souichi FORWARD, Keiro AKUTARE and Chelsea DEATHSIDE/PAINTBOX, Ashley SIGNAL LOST.

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH are On their first European tour WORLD BURNS TO DEATH will appear in San Francisco on August 23rd at the Prank 13th anniversary show at Annie's Social club with IRON LUNG, DESOLATION and one more TBA.

"Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte " 12" LP

The Fifth LP from Tokyo, Japanese Hardcore legends, GAUZE. Since 1981 GAUZE have played some of the world's most intense hardcore punk, and at this point might hold the title of the World's greatest continually playing, original 1980's hardcore band . A "Living tradition" of Japanese hardcore that has never mellowed with age, GAUZE have played monthly in Tokyo for 27 years, devoting most of their energy to their Live performances . Many of their songs are hammered out at their Live shows long before their sporadic recorded releases ( their last release was ten years ago!).GAUZE's songs just seem to get FASTER with each record, and the blinding ten tracks here are no exception. Issued in Japan in late 2007 as a CD- only release, this is one of GAUZE's rawest recording yet and it's first appearance on vinyl.

Mail-order only orange vinyl Available now, wholesale in July

Blasting, energetic rocking hardcore from Tokyo, The debut LP by Tokyo, Japan’s PAINTBOX is a stunning blend of traditional “burning spirits” japanese hardcore mixed with melodic pop and driving hard rock influences, fueled by raging guitar leads, a rampaging rhythm section and husky, tough sung vocals. Original Issued on the HG FACT label, It is Issued for the first time in the U.S. on Vinyl. The Prank Records version features different artwork, a translated lyric sheet, a different A/B side breakdown and improved mastering from a now deleted vinyl pressing on Canada’s Ugly Pop records. Guitarist Chelsea was instrumental to the creation of “Burning Spirits” sound as a member of 1980’s legends DEATHSIDE, but forged new ground with Paintbox with it’s infectious, upbeat energy.

Gatefold Lp Mail-order only white vinyl Available now, wholesale in July

A kinetic blend of high energy hardcore, melody and hard rock, Tokyo’s PAINTBOX second full length “Earthball Sports Tournament” was released as a CD- only in 2000 by Japan’s premiere punk label, HG FACT. In the intervening time since it’s release, it’s become widely regarded as one of the band’s masterpieces and one of the Greatest Japanese Hardcore punk records released this decade. While blasting with the ebullient intensity and upbeat energy of the best of Japanese hardcore, PAINTBOX cull influences from all over the musical map, incorporating horns, keyboards, strings and more, simultaneously weaving bits of melody, psychedelia, classic rock into their mix of “burning spirits” styled hardcore, surpassing expectations as they blow through unexpected soundscapes at top speed. PAINTBOX are now completing work on their long delayed third LP ‘ Trip Trance and Travelling” to be released this year on HG FACT.

Still available:

13 Tracks Recorded live on their 2007 West Coast tour on KFJC radio, this
represents the set the "all original members" band played on both their West coast and European
tours featuring classic tracks from all Eras of the band. It was re-mixed from it's
original broadcast, mastered by George Horn Mastering and come complete with a "Evil
Live styled Record jacket and insert.

ACURSED " Tunneln I Ljusets Slut" LP/CD
Brutal, devastating metallic hardcore from Sweden, over loaded with feedback as
it blasts track after track of savagely shouted, throttling hardcore that slows only to
deliver mid-tempo crushing blows . Akin to the HIS HERO IS GONE / TRAGEDY/
FROM ASHES RISE school of dark riffs and mood, and the classic original " Prank Sound",
ACURSED's years-in-the-making prank debut, and one of the most bleak releases on the label

Locally in the Bay Area, You can pick these up at THRILLHOUSE RECORDS in SF, 1234 GO! RECORDS in Oakland, AMOEBA, Rasputins, Etc.