Thursday, July 24, 2008


MRR Reports that" their new September issue of MRR (#304) is about to go to press. This issue includes all the usual reviews, columns, etc, plus interviews with John Stabb of Government Issue , The Press, Simply Saucer, XYX, Measure [sa], Cola Freaks, Kulturekampf, and Andy T. It also features an interview with artist Raymond Pettibon, best known in the Punk world for his Covers for SST records and BLACK FLAG:

He's been kind enough to let them use some of his artwork for the cover of the issue, and as gift to(and as an incentive to become a)subscribers to maximumrocknroll will receive a version of the issue with a limited 2-color silkscreen cover. There will only be 800 of these covers printed so it's on a first-come, first-serve basis....So if you've been thinking about subscribing to MRR, now's a good time to! You can subscribe right off their home page hitting "Subscriptions" in the left-hand column.

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