Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Prank has not updated it's website with the new stuff yet because We sold out of the new Gauze 12" in record time on the basis of sending out a message on our Yahoo group ( where new prank releases are always announced first in a bulk email) and a few internet posts. There are still copies at NO IDEA, Havoc, PAINKILLER, Moo Cow Records 16oh, Sorry State, Sound Idea Brickwall, Velted regnub and more. La Vida Es Musin London Will have these shortly. This record is currently being re-pressed.

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH " The Graveyard Of Utopia" is also currently sold out at Prank, but available at all of those places and more. WB2D thank everyone who showed up at their Shows in Europe, and we're now working on both a japanese and european version of their new LP.

PAINTBOX colored vinyl is still available through prank direct. Write for details. AVSKUM "Uppror Underifran" Lp/CD should be done any day.

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