Thursday, November 13, 2008


Explosive 4 track Split EP between two female vocalled hardcore bands, Sapporo, Japan's PROTESS and Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST. PROTESS have existed for ten years with various tracks released on venerable Japanese hardcore labels such as DAN DOH and MCR. This is their first release in three years and first US release, mixing a furious hardcore attack with long compositions of textured, expansive melodies. SIGNAL LOST, featuring members of bands as diverse as J-CHURCH, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, TERROR MANAGEMENT THEORY and DEATHREAT, deliver their fastest hardcore blasting yet, followed by one of their trademark unique anthems similar to the tracks on their 2007 " Prosthetic Screams" LP somewhere vaguely in the direction of bleak 80"s New Wave, post punk and dark-edged rock like the WIPERS yet forging it's own path. Artwork by Lydia Crumbley who did the artwork for SIGNAL LOST's debut LP "Children of the wasteland". Split release with Japanese Label HG FACT. One time pressing of 1,000.

SIGNAL LOST played their last show over a year ago in Memphis. Stan Relocated to portland where he's building a new recording studio and slowly working on a new band. Jasmine is in TERROR MANAGEMENT THEORY who will record some tracks for the upcoming compilation on Souichi from Forward's label UNDER THE SURFACE's upcoming compilation LP/CD. Chris is working on a new project with some of the STORM THE TOWER people and playing with AMEBIX in SEVERED HEAD OF STATE on January 24th in Austin @ Emo's. Ashley since did vocals on the latest WORLD BURNS TO DEATH LP and has also been working on new projects.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sad news in the record Collecting department of San Francisco, Streetlight Records on 24th Street in Noe Valley have announced they will be closing on January 31st of next year. When I first moved to SF, both Streetlight Records and Aquarius Records ( Back when "Aquarius records" actually HAD "records") were located on 24th and both were necessary stops on the way to the old Clipper Street MRR house. While the days of $3 copies of "hardcore ljubljana", $4 Black Flag "nervous breakdown" original press, and other insane finds I've found there over the years are largely over worldwide, it still was a great stop on the record haunt route of San Francisco and they always consistently bought and carried Prank and other DIY Releases. They'll keep their San Jose, Santa Cruz and Market locations ( the Market street location once had the (deserved) reputation of a Punk Rock goldmine for the odd offhand releases that would dropped by older people in the Castro,now with a reduced emphasis on vinyl... I think I've had one punk score there this decade!) So in the next three months, stop in on Streetlight, check out their diverse selection of DIY releases and sometimes interesting oddball used finds and Maybe pick up that Harry Connick CD or whatever your Mom wants for X-mas there as opposed to Online !!!!

P.S. Late Condolescences to Open Mind Music who's market Street Location closed earlier this month. Two record stores, one month!! Sad times for the vinyl fiend!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Go vote tomorrow! Tuesday November 4th! Though it varies by state ( a quick search brought up this site with A lot of helpful info), Bring your ID!

There's enough pundits out there to tell why and where's fors of who and what to vote for ( locally I often look at, but don't always 100% agree with the SF Bay Guardian's Clean Slate guide) but it's a historically important election where the country could turn away from the failed agenda and mistakes of the last Eight years! Go vote! If you feel disenfranchised by the two major parties- vote third party to let them know you're out there and disagree!If you're in a "swing state" where every vote counts- make sure it counts! Go early!

In the punk community people often debate the signifigance of voting, "if Voting changed anything they'd make it illegal". There's enough local ballot measures ( No On 8!) in california that nullify that and make it worth making it out to the polls.

Cool thing in The U.S. is you have the choice to vote for whoever you want to, vote for a third party as a protest vote or not vote it all.

Bad thing is assuming you'll always have that choice, and that people won't eventually take advantage of your apathy and indifference.

One our favorite stores and mailorders, DR. Strange records in Southern California is having an election sale tomorrow if you're in So Cal and can make it out to their store in Alta Loma, Check it out.They stock almost all Prank titles- Here's the details:"Tuesday, November 4th is Election day and we are having a SALE! Just show up to the store with your "I Voted" sticker [given at your polling place] and you'll receive 20% off EVERYTHING we sell; Rare Records, cd's, Fred Perry's, Shoes, EVERYTHING! Not old enough to vote? No problem. Bring your parent, older sister, brother or friend in that voted. Do your duty and save some looty!"
If you're not by his store, it's worth getting on Dr. Strange's mailing list as they do periodic updates with mailorder stuff and rare records too! ( I've picked up everything from the SOTLIMPA 12" to the ATTAQUE SONORO Comp to ARTICLES OF FAITH "Wait" off their's worth getting on!)