Friday, December 26, 2008


Sad news this past week from one of our favorite labels, SOUND POLLUTION RECORDS announced on their Website:

"The end is here. After nearly 20 years, Sound Pollution is going to end. There are still plenty of records to sell, and everything will still be up and running until all the stock is gone. A few releases that have been in the pipeline might still happen or may move to another label. I’ll keep everyone posted on it. Over the years, I’ve put a ton of time into the label and have loved it. Sound Pollution has been a one-person operation since inception; that plus working a "real" job doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time. I’d like to see what else I can do with all the time I currently spend on the record label. I’ll still be setting up tours for friends’ bands and playing in Hellnation. Many many thanks to everyone all around the world who has supported the label over the years. The label wouldn’t have amounted to much without the help of so many great people. I’m really amazed at how many absolutely great records Sound Pollution was lucky enough to release. So don’t miss out on them. Once they’re gone...they’re gone."

Past their 20th anniversary, HELLNATION has been busy playing Live all over the world and just recently releasing a long awaited split with CAPITALIST CASUALTIES , but the news still really makes us sad, as Sound Pollution has released some of our favorite records in the last two decades, and had not failed to continue releasing overkill Brutality in recent years with killer records by SAYYADINA, MASSGRAV, UNCURBED, BRODY'S MILITA and more.

I still have a few SP releases I need to pick up myself- the best tribute to Sound Pollution right now is probably doing just that!!! But Can't send enough Kudos, salutes and praise SP 's way! Will be missed, understatement of the year.

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