Thursday, March 28, 2013

DROPDEAD Headline DEADFEST in Oakland 8/16/13 8/17/13

DROPDEAD are returning to the Bay Area with Two Shows at the Oakland Metro August 16th and 17th for DEADFEST 2013!

DEADFEST 2013 Info straight from THE LIST: Friday Aug 16th : Metro, Oakland Dropdead (R.I.), Graves At Sea, Kill The Client (tx), Stoneburner (Portland), Endless Demise (L.A.), Turbokrieg (TX), Nibiru (TX), Agenda Of Swine, Worthless Eaters (Portland), Reivers, Dead Pressure, Komatose (Arcata), Noxcrutch (Stockton), No Fucks Given, Xhostagex a/a $15 8pm # *** @ (Deadfest day 1)

Sat Aug 17 Metro, Oakland Dropdead (R.I.), Noothgrush, Brainoil, Transient (Portland), War Master (TX), Night Nurse (Portland), Sorrower (AZ), Elitist (Portland), Mind Boil (TX), Usnea (Portland), Destroyed In Seconds (L.A.), Primitive Man (CO), Age Of Collapse (San Diego), Amarok (Chico), Lolita Black (R.I.), Final Draft (Inglewood), War Sound (L.A.), Acxdc (L.A.), Dead Issue (L.A.), Your Enemy, Connoisseur, Negitive Standards, Burmese, Black Fucking Cancer (San Jose), Lycus, Thesearedaresultsofa1000eletricvoltz (San Jose), Cyanic (San Jose), Deras Krig, Whorpath (santA Rosa), Crypt Keeper, Pancake Lizard a/a $15 4pm # **** @ (Deadfest day 2)

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