Friday, October 31, 2008


Today marks the 10 Year anniversary of Memphis, TN hardcore band BURY THE LIVING , who formed on Halloween in 1998! BTL have gone through extensive line up changes over the years and long periods of Inactivity, the most recent being after their 2006European tour. They played briefly at the start of the year- doing a near " tour" of venues in Memphis one week,but are happy to report they are rehearsing again and hoping to record a new Self-released 7" EP shortly, to be followed by some touring outside of Memphis.

Their Prank debut, "All The News That's Fit to Scream" We're especially proud of in it's direct political attack, in a era of hardcore that largely sidestepped that. Like all the memphis bands, BTL is a unique cast of characters from One time Semi-pro wrestler Singer Pat to Drummer Ceylon who is well known for his committment to Activism and brings that to the band, as well as musicianship of his long time band PEZZ and current band Akasha who both share members with BTL.

Happy anniversary BURY THE LIVING!

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