Thursday, October 30, 2008


"AVSKUM are one of those quintessential bands that come to mind when talking about well-played classic Swedish hardcore and the most amazing thing is that they have been consistently releasing solid material since before the average PE reader was born! Eighteen tracks of blasting d-beat punk with occasional DISCHARGE riff and the tightness and ferocity that can only come with experience. The intensity is totally backed up by excellent recording that flies in the face of the current trend of returning to lo-fi, bathroom quality garbage that sucked back in 1983 and is inexcusable today. AVSKUM’s lyrics are written in both English and Swedish are all politically motivated against the fucked up fucking system and all the other assholes in the world. Uppror UnderifĂ€n is loud, angry, pissed off and posses all the hallmarks of a great hardcore punk releases. Definitely in the top five percent of their graduating class! (Dan) - Profane Existence #58

Absolutely brilliant new CD (also available on LP) from this long standing Swedish band. 16 songs of pure adrenalin bursting forth, that captures them at their very best and easily one of the best releases in this genre. A fantastic mixture of DISCHARGE, MOTORHEAD and any good classic Swedish band you could think of. While harsh and heavy, each song evokes the listener to stay tuned and that's where you get reeled in and you are not going to get away so easy. With songs like these who would want to. Plenty of great riffage and thumping beats, exploding vocals and everything you would hope for in a great CD. The artwork/layout captures the mood. Although most of the lyrics are in Swedish, there is a strong anti cop, anti capatalist vibe going down. You know you need it. Direct Hit Web blog, Ireland

AVSKUM-Uppror UnderifrÄn (Prank, CD)
A molotov mix of perfected Swede-core and lyrical anger—Avskum are back, once again, to blast through the dreck. They’ve honed it down to the essence—blazing riffs driven by rumbling bass and crashing drums. Three of the songs are in English, the rest in Swedish and it’s not too tough to ascertain that these guys are quite pissed about the state of the world—I don’t even need to look up “Masskonsumtions Helevetet” to know where they’re coming from. One little wrinkle that stood out was the undistorted riff that begins “The Massacre In Fallujah,” before the burn kicks in. Incidentally, that’s an American obliteration of an Iraqi village. My advice? Plant yourself between the speakers and prepare for the bombardment. (PO Box 410892, SF, CA 94141-0892, Suburban Voice on-line

Laamas 'Zine finland
Rokkizine Finland

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