Sunday, January 4, 2009


The KUSF Rock'n' Swap Is happening again next Sunday, Janaury 11th, 2009.. and Prank will have a table at it again of all sorts of music. If you're planning on attending a need a specific prank release, drop us an email beforehand. All the proceeds from the door and the table rental help with the operating budget of the radio station - SF's main community free form radio station, so it's a worth cause ( and as always I really recommend Carolyn Keddy's from MRR's show on Tuesday from Noon to 3 for the best in Garage Punk- Great show with heaps of new bands)

The sellers at it are largley music fans who scower Yard Sales, Estate sell offs, Buy collections and generally do so to fund their record buying habits and pick up a few bucks. People get turned off by the "Record collector Fair" tag, but Prices of everything are rarely outrageous, often much cheaper than stores or online for more common stuff, and it's mostly a lot of dealers buying stuff off each other to keep, flog off on their online store, upgrade, trade or whatever. So come out. I sell A lot of old records of all types at this thing, but also now will sell Prank Titles at near-wholesale to encourage people to come out.

If you're not in the bay area, here's a couple spots I check to find record shows around the country:
Vinyl Times
Record Shows Of America
Record Collectors Guild ( Search forums)

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