Saturday, March 14, 2009


We meant to post this Closer to X-mas, but as CD's slowly creep aside Betamax, VHS Tapes, Cassettes, 78's and other outmoded formats, there's some amazing deals out there on Used and new CD's. Even for a store or distro you can buy some Prank CD's with shipping cheaper than the wholesale price on due to large bulk re-sellers and the fallout from large closures like TOWER flooding the resellers that buy huge amounts of CD's in bulk.

These deals won't last forever and some of these titles We're not planning to re-press..but if you go over to you can find:
The Health Hazard /Suffer for under $2!
Guyana Punch Line "direkt Aktion" for $1!
Guyana Punch Line "Irritainment" for under $4!
Scrotum Grinder for close to $3.50 PPD
Artimus Pyle "Civil Dead" Used for $2!
Bury The living starting at 74 cents!!
Desolation for under $3!
Signal Lost "children Of the wasteland for under $5 PPD!

Some of these sellers are often complete automated huge bulk buyers and sellers, which runs the price down to these ridiculous, non existant profit margins as automation always insures they have the lowest price.....but Hey We've already been paid for them and still think these are great their loss is your gain......and then again you can also buy the KYLESA 110 Heat degree index for $81.68!???. Move now! It's going to be re-pressed soon and back down to a normal price!

So dig out those Amazon gift cards left over from X-mas, add some Cheapo-Prank CD's to your "wish list" . To keep the prices reasonable on New CD"s prank sells direct on Amazon...and watch for Prank in the upcoming months to add more titles to Amazon, pictures and band descriptions, vinyl and more!

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