Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Prank is proud to report We will be releasing the debut 45 for San Francisco's ACEPHALIX a new local band featuring former and/or current members of DEFIANCE, DEPRESSOR, DEATHCHARGE, POISON IDEA and THE RIFFS. Combining the downbeat bone breaking lumbering of some more metal edged NYC/ SXE bands ( Judge, Cro-mags) with the metallic blasting of various past Punk metal Fusions (Sacrilege, Nausea, late Anti-Cimex) with a heavy dose of modern crushing metal punk, We're really stoked to return to releasing something this heavy and great!

Since the start of the band, it's experienced a bunch of line up changes but has it's most solid line up currently and The band has already garnered Some Cool press. The last is a blog post that has a download link to the band's demo, some of which has been re-mastered for this prank Debut and some of the same tracks are featured on the band's myspace. Expect the 7" (in a deluxe foil stamped sleeve!) in May.

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