Monday, December 21, 2009


SYOON (Isterismo) and SO Hardcore survives "Mr. Christmas"! these dudes rule and took super good care of us in Tokyo, they gave me a lot of hope for the future of the Japanese Punk scene. If you see SO at any time buy him a "party cocktail" in a can at the kombini from me, and I'll pay you back.
Gunnar and Hakan from avskum, fresh off the plane and shellshocked in Koenji. This tour was a very short one and there was little time for sight seeing.

We thought we were clever making the Avskum demo from 1982 on vinyl for this tour, more than one person showed up with faded shirts of the cover!!!...Old Swedish Punk is really well known in Japan, and after Asta Kask, AVSKUM are only the second old and active Swedish punk band to tour in Japan. Avskum played in Tsuyama, japan - a small rural town.. and members of the band SKIZOFRENIADJ'ed impossibly obscure Swedish Hardcore all night. Avskum's minds = blown, when's the last time you heard NISSE NOTTER?

Hiroshi from Dclone @ Soundcheck in Tsuyama Japan. Dclone were fantastic all nights. I didn't unfortunately get to see complete sets of many bands, hence not a lot of live band photos - but I am stoked on this photo of Yu-taro at the same show, (hey these are all off my phone!) TSUYAMA IS BURNING!!!!

Vocalist / Guitarrist of DISTURD was kind enough to pick us up at the train station and drive us back to Okayama, host us, and made some absolutely incredible miso soup that Avskum was a little scared to try in the morning. DISTURD are Great band that combines CROW-style metallic punk with maybe more of an Oakland Sabbath-metal punk vibe. They will do an LP and tour the states in the coming year.

AIchi from Reality Crisis the man who brought this whole tour together- Domo arigato gozaimashita. Reality Crisis Caused my rare, annual appearance in the slam pit twice for their classics off of "Discharge your frustration" that are up on their myspace, so killer. We awere lucky to have support from CLOWN, who totally killed it every night as well.

Post a great show in Nagoya at the Izakaya at 2 AM or later, Aichi, Shinii from D-Clone and vocalist of SYSTEM FUCKER.. I had the most incredible deep fried potato Mochi filled with cream cheese at this Izakaya and it was nice to share good food with good people.

Shin from FRAMTID and Avskum at the Osaka Train station. Avskum played an incredible all night show with Organism, Warhead, Framtid, Reality Crisis, Clown, Elekids, It was so overwhelming, I'm still processing it. Thank you Shin for your organization, honoring Avskum by having them play this special event and everything you do for the Osaka and Japanese punk scene.

Maybe I'll post some more later!

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