Sunday, April 4, 2010


the U.K.'s THE WANKYS - a tribute of sorts to THE SWANKYS from Japan who have records on the always great La Vida Es Mus Label, will tour the U.S. this summer. Here's the dates.

Voice of Fight presents....
“Never Mind the Posers, Here’s the Real Noise Heros!!”
Noisy Summer US Tour 2010

The Wankys (England)/Lotus Fucker/Chaos Destroy
The Wankys + Chaos Destroy
4, Friday: Washington, DC at TBA with Lotus Fucker, DeathRats, more TBA
5, Saturday: New York, NY (afternoon and night shows)
6, Sunday: Philadelphia, PA
7, Monday: off
8, Tuesday: Boston, MA
9, Wednesday: Providence, RI

The Wankys + Lotus Fucker
11, Friday: Richmond, VA
12, Saturday: Augusta, GA
13, Sunday: Raleigh, NC
14, Monday: off
15, Tuesday: Baltimore, MD at Barclay House with Slang (Japan), World Burns to Death, Chaos Destroy, +1 TBA
16, Wednesday: Columbus, OH
17, Thursday: Chicago, IL
18, Friday: Grand Rapids, MI
19, Saturday: Lexington, KY
20, Sunday: Pittsburgh, PA

Released for tour:
The Wankys/Lotus Fucker split tour EP (SPHC-5/Katorga Works ?)
Chaos Destroy LP (SPHC-6)

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