Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I’ve been seeing ACEPHALIX play since their very first gigs, and they’ve never stopped evolving over the years that they’ve been active. They’ve come a long way from their early NYHC-meets-peace punk sound, and this masterful LP is a new peak for the band. It’s very appropriate that Prank released this album, because there are definite hints of earlier Prank bands like HIS HERO IS GONE and DAMAD in the ACEPHALIX sound, though there are many other influences in the mix as well. Chief among them is the dash of “Humanity Is The Devil”-era INTEGRITY and vintage CRO-MAGS heard in the metallic crunch of the riffs and the unabashed embrace of guitar solos. In fact, this record is just shy of being a full-on metal record (double kicks and all), though one that is fundamentally rooted in punk. That being said, most metal bands don’t have the kind of tortured, nakedly personal (and occasionally deeply psycho-sexual) lyrics that grace this record. Seriously, the harshness and honesty of Dan’s vocals and lyrics are an integral part of what ACEPHALIX work as a band. All gushing aside, there are a few tracks that don’t quite work for me on the record (the instrumental being the primary offender) but taken as a whole I can’t think of another recent release in the metal-punk genre that is nearly as creative or as engaging as this. This is the soundtrack to your next suicide party. (AU)

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Lo-Res Viscera said...

Integrity? Really?
I doubt any of these guys ever listened to any of that overrated garbage.
This record is excellent from start to finish - the instrumental is awesome. Pretty bummed that Gabe decided to pack it in though, DAMN.