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Line Ups Announced + TIcket info for "THIS IS NOT A STEP" Fest @ 924 GILMAN St in June

This Is Not A Step:Celebrating 20 years of More Than Music

June 27/28/29/30 at 924 Gilman St. Berkeley, CA and 1234 Go! Oakland, CA

A weekend of Politics, Music and Community.



Thursday at 1234 Go!:

Conquest For Death

Naked Lights

Wet The Rope

Dead Seeds

Friday at Gilman:


Constatine Sankathi

Fred Thomas

Big Crux


The Exquisites


Street Eaters

Saturday at Gilman:

Los Crudos

Talk Is Poison

No Statik

Coke Bust



Permanent Ruin

Hunting Party

Sunday at Gilman:

Iron Lung

The Body

Neon Piss

Subservient Fuck



***Schedule subject to change***

Workshops, Speakers and other fun stuff:

Josh Ploeg - Vegan Snack Attack After-Party

Andy Cornell - "Subculture and Politics: Lessons from Movement for a New Society" talk and reading

and more to come!


THIS IS NOT A STEP is a four-day festival of punk music and culture in Berkeley, CA, commemorating the 20-year anniversary of the first More Than Music Festivals, hosted in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. While rooted firmly in the here-and-now, THIS IS NOT A STEP celebrates the original intent and energy connected to the More Than Music festival series, which helped lend a tangible form to a new and vital interpretation of American punk and hardcore.

The interconnectedness of each moment—the then and the now—are reflected in their titles. More Than Music fired a flare for the contrarians, misfits and outcasts of the waning establishment American Hardcore scene, emphasizing community, inclusivity and punk’s potential to change individuals as well as their world. Perhaps it should come as little surprise that many witnesses, then, remain involved in the DIY underground today, in the Bay Area and around the country. While sure to be a fun homecoming for many older "kids," this is no lifeless reunion, but rooted rather in the art, music and politics of those active today.

THIS IS NOT A STEP takes its name from a Bay Area hardcore band, Torches to Rome, in order to challenge sometimes latent notions of entitlement, careerism and passive consumption in our would-be, could-be community. While punk is much more than a stepping stone, perhaps at its best it is also more than a phase to be swanned through, a look or a clique to master and move on, or an end result to be achieved and then retired.

In the spirit of each parallel tradition, the organizers of THIS IS NOT A STEP invite you to join the crowd this June in the Bay Area to celebrate the inspiration of punk's rich past, the energy of the vibrant scene today, and its potential for the future.


THIS IS NOT A STEP will benefit the following:

The family of our beloved friend Sarah Kirsch as well as the following organizations which meant a great deal to her:

The Pacific Center for Growth


The San Francisco Trans March

A portion of proceeds will also go to helping Joseph Mattson (LA writer and member of 90's diy punk band Constatine San Kathi) in his legal struggles.

********************************************** contact us at

A Limited number of Three Day Weekend passes for FRI/SAT/SUN will go on sale:

Sunday, April 28 at 12 NOON Pacific time

$36 for show pass and most speakers and workshops - additional donations encouraged!

Order tickets on Sunday HERE



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