Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Taking WORLD BURNS TO DEATH" Grave yard of Utopia" to mastering today. Both Austin Jacks ( Vocalist, Control and Master of Silkscreen, Is The Barfield Were hard at work on the cover this weekend)

AVSKUM are recording their new LP, with the basic tracking done and Vocals this next weekend. From demos I have, I have no doubt THis is going to be the BEST Avskum record yet.

Picking up the CHRIST ON PARADE live record today. Should be out for Japanese tour.

CROW " live at Gilman" DVD's go on sale next wednesday.

and been stupid busy Blowing out Used records on Vivalavinyl in anticipation of a short vacation coming up.

Oh and top of that FLIPPER actually sounded good at Amoeba. the same weekend I got to meet comics Legend Marv Wolfman at my Favorite comic book store Isotope.

And anyone who's emailed me directly gets back a weird message about "medical Problems"- I've been having issues with my Right arm and shoulder, Physical therapy has a relieved most of the constant pain- ten days ago I couldn't do ANYTHING, so On the mend! Thanks everyone for your concern.

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