Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Timmy is still working up to the Chaos in Tejas for 2008.
May 15th,16th and 17th at Emo's
The confirmed line up now stands at:

Los Crudos ( reunion, for a benefit cause, stoked)
Leatherface (England)
Dillinger Four
Hard Skin (England)
Fy, Fan (Sweden)
Straight Jacket Nation (Australia)
The Marked Men (Texas)
World Burns To Death ( Texas)
Brain Handle
Iron Lung ( Seattle, Wa)
Hatred Surge ( Texas)
Under Pressure (Canada)
Sacred Shock ( Texas)
Deskonocidos ( Texas)

With more bands, and surely after parties and other shows around it. Mark you calendar!


LivingMinimal said...

Does anyone know if Leatherface is touring beyond this? I need to know if I should book a trip to Texas just for them or if they're going to play Los Angeles...please email me at if anyone knows...

Oliver / Cultpunk said...

Interestingly, the New Bomb Turks "reunion" show is also slated for May 18, the last day of Chaos in teTas, but in the same venue (I already have tix for that). Wonder if it'll be piggy backed somehow onto the fest? Longtime fan of NBT, esp. their 1st LP)


PRANKREC said...

Yes, hilariously The Quadrajets are also playing the NBT show, who are friends of mine from Alabama, They used to all attend when I did shows for Born Against, Plaid Retina, Schlong, Antischism, Filth, etc in Alabama in the early 90's.... I'll have to get tickets for both...