Thursday, February 7, 2008

TOTALITAR "VI AR ELITEN" charts the "Best of 2007" lists

Totalitar's final Lp after a receiving a bunch of Great reviews continues to top and chart the "Best of 2007" hardcore release lists , getting the nod from the great Cult Punk blog site, Al quint's Suburban voice blog and Noise Annoys Blog

Felix Von Havoc maybe gave the record it's strongest recommendation in his February 2008 MRR Column: " The best record of 2007 is Totalitar Vi Ar Eliten, This record towers over all others released in 2007. A lot of people doubted it, or where underwhelmed on first listen. At first listen it's not all that mind blowingly fast or anything like that, but it has a certain restrained sense of power that elicts a sense of Awe with each listen. The mid-tempo ragers come on relentlessly and the understated guitar solos just add to the power. It is as if you are in a room full of giants who would crush you with the flick of a finger. I highly recommend this record to anyone who likes hardcore punk"

and then the latest MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL issue #298 has a "best of 2007" ( I'll post my list a little later after everyone has bought the issue) feature where it hit a lot of people's top ten "They are the masters of the genre, all Praises" ( Martin Sorrondeguy) " Totalitar's third and final full length doesn't really disappoint. Did anyone think it would?" ( Justin Briggs)," absolutely unfuckwithable" "The very definitiuon of raging hardcore punk" ( Golanr Nikpour) "this is fucking raging" ( Layla gibbon), " this LP is further testament to the fact that they are one of the greatest hardcore bands ever. The title track has this super fucked guitar part that leads into a solo and I gush everytime I hear it" ( Cissie Scurlock)

MRR RADIO even opened their "Best of 2007" show with the title track from the LP.Scroll down to check out the whole 2-hour special.

This LP's gatefold first press is almost entirely sold out, and will be re-pressed as a regular sleeve 12". We have a handful of the Clear vinyl with Bonus 7" left up on our Ebay Store.

No Musical News from the other members outside of their drummer and the unstoppable force of swedish hardcore, Jallo- a man so prolific you can shop and "compare prices for Jallo" on Yahoo.
His band KVOTERINGEN has a new single out on Communichaos, who also pressed "Vi Ar Eliten" in Europe. MEANWHILE has a new LP and re-issues of their older records coming out on communichaos and FERAL WARD... Which poking around myspace begs the they ever battle this Other, acoustic folk country rock MEANWHILE from Sweden? and AARTILIA also just recorded a new LP for release on FERAL WARD.

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Oliver / Cultpunk said...

Hey Ken,

I'm a glutton for punishment, and so I have an MRR subscription - har har. It was nice to see Felix Von Havoc say the Totalitar release was the best of 2007 -- it is one of my faves, too. (He also mentioned Pisschrist's _Nothing Has Changed_, which came out in 2006, though!)

But did you notice the bands that almost NO ONE listed? For example, I don't believe a SINGLE "Best of" list in the new MRR mentioned Severed Head of State's "Power Hazard" 12" as a "best of." What the hell!? About 6 or 7 people listed Mika Miko, though. And, also, no one mentioned Daily Void's _Identification Code_ LP, which I thought was just an incredible 2007 LP, compared an awful lot to Rudimentary Peni (but in a non-clone band way; i.e. they have their own creative take on that basic vibe and sound). Daily Void deserve way more attention -- total schizoid, paranoiac, Stickmen with Rayguns/Darvocets type insane punk. Actually, Al Quint put Daily Void in his "best of" list at his SubVox blog -- so kudos to him.

Also, no one mentioned Under Pressure's "Black Bile" LP. (!!!) And maybe 4 people at most mentioned Double Negative. I don't think a single person mentioned Punch in the Face, either, at MRR, in a "best of" list -- except, again Al Quint, on his blog.

Some of the best 2007 releases I didn't even think were technically punk relases, but Bone Awl's _Meaningless Leaning Mess_, technically black metal, was in my Top 20. To me they sound like garage black metal, stomping along mercilessly like Hellhammer, more thrash than metal, to me. And Gloomy Sunday's LP, which got no mention in MRR.

I do like the Hex Dispensers, though, which plenty of people in MRR mentioned -- they, to me, sound like a kind of Ramones/Misfits purist punk rock and roll band or something.