Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's My Birthday, Prank's 13th Anniversary and still close enough for a West Coast record release show for "The Graveyard of Utopia" So We're flying WORLD BURNS TO DEATH in for what will probably be their only West Coast appearance this year. AUGUST 23rd at Annie's Social Club in SF. 21+... sorry kids, their drummer, because of work and family committments and the way flights out of Austin work can only come to SF for literally 14 hours. Plus we've got a couple other bands we're working on bringing in, so need the higher door take of a bar to not totally eat it on plane flights. Prank is trying to experiment with doing more of these kinds of shows in the Bay, so hopefully We can bring in more bands on Special events and balance them with Shows at Gilman and other All ages venues.

UPdate: IRON LUNG is now on the bill too. Only Bay Area show this summer? DESOLATION and one more will open.

Also-thrillhouse Records is having a a festival that entire weekend, with shows at thrillhouse, The parkside and the Knockout, so it's a great weekend to come to the bay!

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Naked Rob said...

You gotta come on my radio show in San Francisco to talk about your B-Day. Cheers!