Thursday, June 4, 2015


Been Slammed Adding Endless records, CD's, tapes to Thrillhouse Records here in SF and Working on their reorganization. It's still not all the way there, but it's getting there! So Finally back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Prank has entered into a partnership with Thrillhouse Records allowing for the store to carry even a broader array of genres, used vinyl and collectibles, and the partnership will allow a permanent home for prank's traveling record fair stock as well as broaden it's opportunities to eventually make the store even more of a premiere destination for Hardcore and punk records from Around the world. Thrillhouse will continue to operate as it has since 2007 as a community record store for and staffed by the community with it's legendary low prices.

Thrillhouse is open 7 Days a week from Noon until 8 PM at 3422 Mission Street in San Francisco.