Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Anton From SME and ACURSED wanted me to share what he could remember of the lyrics to "Tunneln I Ljusets Slut". I guess an LP with NO SONG TITLES and NO LYRICS was too much of an enigma... so people have been trying to figure it out. Lyrics have been bouncing around Swedish Message boards and were wrong, so he wanted to set the record straight, Some of this you will need a nearby Swede or at least a babelfish type translation!

"I don't remember any of the titles of the songs though, except one...

Intoxicated pissing blood manufactured reality life´s dull I'll never be
back again
could just as well end this now I won't be missed anyway when it comes down
to it
I'm just a waste of space I'm just a waste of space could just as well end
this now I won't be missed anyway

the wait still unconscious hope to be there soon nothing accomplished here
burden of reality
I don't belong the wait still unconscious these are my last thoughts never
to be reveal burden of reality I don't belong

ligger o stirrar in i min vägg samma föreställning inget nytt
livet gav mig inget så ja ger inget tillbaks dömmer gärna mig själv dränker
min oro i sprit livet gav mig inget

track5 (Destruction/Disorder)
the world in ruins sky is falling destruction disorder death from above sky
is falling destruction disorder

reflection of lost sympathy saturating designed to suffer cold and empty
beyond every wildest dream is this
a blur of thoughts and visions condemn reality roaming areas none should see
hatred awakens as i close my eyes

corroding compassion mind goes blank blind hatred hunt down stupid bastards
your mere existence makes me sick

med röda ögon o ingen moral stöter jag bort dem sista vänner jag har vaknar
i mina egna spyor idag imorgon o i morgon igen
har aldrig vetat var gränsen går försöker få grepp om gårdagen vaknar i mina
egna spyor idag i morgon o i morgon igen

utspelad och bortglömd utskämd och förnedrad viljan att leva tynar sakta
bort ångest attack ser ni inte det är jag ångest attack

kommer aldrig bli mig själv så skåda mitt tragiska liv ett helvetes liv
tillbakadragen ensam o stumm smärta o paranoid ett helvetes liv

mina vingar har brunnit upp för länge sen sprider hat och ondska vänd dig
inte om mina vingar har brunnit upp för länge sen vänd dig inte om
vadar i tårar vänd dig inte om

paralyzed by darkness love has lost its cause haunted by memories unrevealed
feeding on the weakness of every true desire haunted by memories unrevealed
bringer of silence and pain

cut myself to see if I bleed hate myself to see if anyone cares torn apart
by self contempt


Taking WORLD BURNS TO DEATH" Grave yard of Utopia" to mastering today. Both Austin Jacks ( Vocalist, Control and Master of Silkscreen, Is The Barfield Were hard at work on the cover this weekend)

AVSKUM are recording their new LP, with the basic tracking done and Vocals this next weekend. From demos I have, I have no doubt THis is going to be the BEST Avskum record yet.

Picking up the CHRIST ON PARADE live record today. Should be out for Japanese tour.

CROW " live at Gilman" DVD's go on sale next wednesday.

and been stupid busy Blowing out Used records on Vivalavinyl in anticipation of a short vacation coming up.

Oh and top of that FLIPPER actually sounded good at Amoeba. the same weekend I got to meet comics Legend Marv Wolfman at my Favorite comic book store Isotope.

And anyone who's emailed me directly gets back a weird message about "medical Problems"- I've been having issues with my Right arm and shoulder, Physical therapy has a relieved most of the constant pain- ten days ago I couldn't do ANYTHING, so On the mend! Thanks everyone for your concern.


IRON LUNG, hot on the Heels of their new "Sexless//No Sex" Lp are touring across the Southeast and Texas with MUNICIPAL WASTE in march including an appearance at SXSW?!?
here are the dates and I'll update with more info shortly.
"Sexless/No Sex" reviews have started to come in check some Out here:
Punk News
Scene Point Blank
Direct Hit 'Zine
Collective 'zine UK

7 Volume 11 Raleigh, North Carolina
8 The Hideway Johnson City, Tennessee
10 Meridian Red Room Houston, Texas
11 Red 7 Austin, Texas
12 Red Blood Club Dallas, Texas
13 Emo's Annex - SXSW Austin, Texas
14 SXSW Austin, Texas @ Broken Neck Warehouse
15 SXSW Austin, Texas @ The Crossing
16 The Crossing San Antonio, Texas
18 Sluggo’s Pensacola, Florida
19 State Theater St Petersburg, Florida With Torche
20 Common Grounds Gainesville, Florida
21 The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, Georgia
22 Richmond, VAS W/ collesium


Timmy is still working up to the Chaos in Tejas for 2008.
May 15th,16th and 17th at Emo's
The confirmed line up now stands at:

Los Crudos ( reunion, for a benefit cause, stoked)
Leatherface (England)
Dillinger Four
Hard Skin (England)
Fy, Fan (Sweden)
Straight Jacket Nation (Australia)
The Marked Men (Texas)
World Burns To Death ( Texas)
Brain Handle
Iron Lung ( Seattle, Wa)
Hatred Surge ( Texas)
Under Pressure (Canada)
Sacred Shock ( Texas)
Deskonocidos ( Texas)

With more bands, and surely after parties and other shows around it. Mark you calendar!

Friday, February 15, 2008


There is a growing Boycott against EBAY due to continual changes in their pricing structure. In a perfect world, all punk sales and auctions would occur off sites of large corporations and the money would funnel back into the punk community, not Major corporations and ther investors....but we're not there yet. I encourage people to set up their own set sales on message boards or use other alternative auction sites. Prank may do some set sales off Ebay next week as well as selling some rare items this way, as we will shut down our Ebay store entirely in Solidarity next week.

Chris From Guyana Punch Line / Inhumanity ( a "powerseller") has been circulating this information about the boycott:

"Reposted from another messageboard. Don't know if this will do any good or not, but I'll probably skip selling on that week just to add my voice.

If you or someone you know sells on ebay, please pass this along to them.

"People are trying to organize a boycott of eBay for the week of February 18th through the 25th. This means no buying, selling, or searching.


Ebay is planning on increasing fees across the board and destroying the current feedback system for sellers.

Paypal is also planning changes that will allow them to hold on to your money, interest free, for 21 days.

Don't like these changes? What can you do?

First watch this video:

Then read the discussion on the official ebay boards to see what you can do including cancelling your paypal account and getting helpful phone numbers and email addresses.

The true problem is that buyers will stay because they will not feel the effect of price increases. With no buyer feedback you can technically go on, bid/order things, and never pay for them. As a buyer I can buy things and request a refund with no reprecussions (sp?).

The sellers will be getting screwed and the sellers are the ones that will need to find somewhere else to go.

So you say there is no where else to go? Try these:

Ecrater (our best option and darn near free)

Amazon (Amazon is a great price and only gets busier every year)


Want to know how these sites are faring? Here is a great site.

So, I know that is a lot of information. We must fight these changes or soon eBay will not exist. If you are a small time seller, take a week off. If you have a store, go on "vacation" for the week.

Lets see what we can do!"

Thursday, February 14, 2008


CHRIST ON PARADE will tour Japan in April with all original Members. They hopefully will also have a limited edition live record for the tour, and Prak will also have a few copies here for mailorder.
Here are the dates:

fri april 4-Sendai @ BIRDLANDBIRDLAND w/BREAK OF CHAIN,KOLA and more
sun april 6-Tokyo @WALL w/BANJAX,KOLA,IT'S YOU and more
thu april 10-Hiroshima @BORDER w/ORIGIN OF (M),ABUDUCTED,IT'S YOU
sat april 12-Nagoya @ HUCK FINN w/ADA+MAX,KOLA,IT'S YOU and more

Thursday, February 7, 2008


After another of it's long, weird "only in Memphis" Hiatuses BURY THE LIVING are playing shows again, and have , of course, picked a contraversial doozy to come back with:

March 17th w/ M.O.D., and Evil Army
@ Hi-Tone (1913 Poplar Ave, Memphis 9pm, $10)

where the super-left leaning BTL , probably, sadly one of the few current US hardcore band featuring a living breathing peace activist and M.O.D. , who've based a career around speed metal songs about things like nuking "ass-ghanistan" will find common ground, well, grab a ringside seat and find out.

Also I highly recommend the EVIL ARMY LP from 2006, which if you look on their label's website is set to be re-pressed shortly on colored vinyl. Great lo-fi punk cross over somewhere inbetween COC and VENOM or something. A fun, blazing listen.

Gung Hay fat Choy!

TOTALITAR "VI AR ELITEN" charts the "Best of 2007" lists

Totalitar's final Lp after a receiving a bunch of Great reviews continues to top and chart the "Best of 2007" hardcore release lists , getting the nod from the great Cult Punk blog site, Al quint's Suburban voice blog and Noise Annoys Blog

Felix Von Havoc maybe gave the record it's strongest recommendation in his February 2008 MRR Column: " The best record of 2007 is Totalitar Vi Ar Eliten, This record towers over all others released in 2007. A lot of people doubted it, or where underwhelmed on first listen. At first listen it's not all that mind blowingly fast or anything like that, but it has a certain restrained sense of power that elicts a sense of Awe with each listen. The mid-tempo ragers come on relentlessly and the understated guitar solos just add to the power. It is as if you are in a room full of giants who would crush you with the flick of a finger. I highly recommend this record to anyone who likes hardcore punk"

and then the latest MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL issue #298 has a "best of 2007" ( I'll post my list a little later after everyone has bought the issue) feature where it hit a lot of people's top ten "They are the masters of the genre, all Praises" ( Martin Sorrondeguy) " Totalitar's third and final full length doesn't really disappoint. Did anyone think it would?" ( Justin Briggs)," absolutely unfuckwithable" "The very definitiuon of raging hardcore punk" ( Golanr Nikpour) "this is fucking raging" ( Layla gibbon), " this LP is further testament to the fact that they are one of the greatest hardcore bands ever. The title track has this super fucked guitar part that leads into a solo and I gush everytime I hear it" ( Cissie Scurlock)

MRR RADIO even opened their "Best of 2007" show with the title track from the LP.Scroll down to check out the whole 2-hour special.

This LP's gatefold first press is almost entirely sold out, and will be re-pressed as a regular sleeve 12". We have a handful of the Clear vinyl with Bonus 7" left up on our Ebay Store.

No Musical News from the other members outside of their drummer and the unstoppable force of swedish hardcore, Jallo- a man so prolific you can shop and "compare prices for Jallo" on Yahoo.
His band KVOTERINGEN has a new single out on Communichaos, who also pressed "Vi Ar Eliten" in Europe. MEANWHILE has a new LP and re-issues of their older records coming out on communichaos and FERAL WARD... Which poking around myspace begs the they ever battle this Other, acoustic folk country rock MEANWHILE from Sweden? and AARTILIA also just recorded a new LP for release on FERAL WARD.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Remarkably, the Long awaited, the new and final seven song DYSTOPIA LP is finally out on LIFE IS ABUSE and available the day after Valentines Day!

Mauz has been busy with His printing company which did the recent IRON LUNG tour edition sleeves as well as the SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS " sannigen om Sunday Morning einsteins" LP tour edition sleeves ( which, speaking of, might finally now see release as a real LP this year, finally). Highly recommended.

Busy with this, he's been considering ending LIFE IS ABUSE, which is at this point an older label than Prank by three years ( since 1992! Prank started in 1995) so I hope this release can either 1) convince him to change his mind or 2) send the label out on a high note!!! ORDER IT FOLKS!


With the New ACURSED out finally on ( My first digipak!) CD, Most of the last week has been sent sending out Promotional copies of the three new CD's= Iron Lung, Born/Dead and Acursed ( who actually, remarkably reported they practiced for the first time in years a few weeks ago, could they actually play a show this decade? Stay tuned!). I have never felt this really does much for selling records, but does heaps for the band ( and labels)) visibility and also often spreads the music and ideas to places that they wouldn't reach normally. It's just part of the deal in promoting the music and why I do the label.

With DIY Tour routes shrinking to basically major cities on the coasts and midwest, the closure of a remarkably high percentage of the independent record stores around the country and most labels doing micro-pressings compared to the 1990's and having to raise prices to break even,(making running a show distro a more risky proposition and the records themselves that much harder to find.) there's just a little less outreach, while at the same time a flood of information at your fingertips. Often I hear from people " well everybody knows about it" forgetting that there's a much, much larger casual listenership of hardcore and punk than the smalll, active one that follows the releases and tours....and if you look at the list, a GLOBAL fanbase for punk and hardcore....

Anyway, people often ask me for a list of where I send stuff for review, so here's part one of a top 50 I'll list, in no order. Promotion is hard, it's a bottomless pit of people who will take Free CD's and somewhat expensive to do, and the address and contacts change frequently... and yes promos do end up re-sold, it's a fact of the game, but still I see it as an essential part of doing a release... The general rule of promotion is 10%- you should send out 10% of your pressing as promotion. Not everyone can afford to do this, but here's a bare minimum, in no order of some great places to send your releases:

1& 2 = Maximum Rock'N' RollPO Box 460760
San Francisco, CA 94146-0760 USA TWO COPIES ARE ESSENTIAL with CD's they give one copy to the reviewer the other for their syndicated and Online Radio Show . With the Print reivews, they give a copy to the reviewer ( like me) to take home and spend a bit more time with- You get a better, more time intensive review this way as the MRR HQ can be full of people and hard to get reviews done. THe other copy is used for radio, top ten listens and their record archive. If you're just going to send out 2 promos, send 2 to MRR, as a lot of places-particularly stores in Japan, use it as a resource to base orders.

3. AL QUINT PO Box 43 Peabody, MA 01960 USA Al is long time editor of Suburban Voice fanzine which now seems to primarily exist as a blog and column in MRR. He also does the great Sonic Overload radio show

4. RAZORCAKE PO Box 42129 Los Angeles, CA 90042 USA taking up the mantle left by the death of FLIPSIDE and then some, Razorcake covers all permutations of punk, garage and hardcore and has searchable reviews, as well as progressive webprescence online, something MRR is in dire need of.

5. SHORT FAST AND LOUD 225 Lincoln Avenue, Cotati, CA 94931 USA run by the people at Six Weeks Records while I wish it was more indepth in content, it's a great source of reviews ( albeit unsigned and sometimes biting) for the thrash/hardcore/ punk community.

Minneapolis, MN 55418 USA. Longstanding anarcho punk headquarters! Doesn't review EVERYTHING sent, but if your style matches their focus of crust/ DIy hardcore, ber sure to send 'em a promo.

7. OX Fanzine Ox-Fanzine, Postfach 11 04 20, 42664 Solingen,
Germany One of the "big three" of German Fanzines, they deftly walk between reviewing both "mainstream" ( I.E. Fat Wreks)punk and DIY Underground release.

8. TRUST FANZINE mail to: Trust Verlag, Dolf Hermannstädter, Postfach 11 07 62, 28087 Bremen, GERMANY dating back to the 1980's this is another major German fanzine that reaches all over Germany, a country with one of the hugest fanbases for hardcore and punk worldwide.

9. PLASTIC BOMB FANZINEPostfach 100205, 47002 Duisburg , GERMANY of the big threee, this is probably the one with it's nose closest to the ground for DIY/CRUST type stuff ( or at least neck and neck with TRUST), but all three are important and by extension of mailing to all three, it's like the role of MRR plays here, and like I said reaching the massive amount of punk fans in Germany.

10 &11. WFMUP.O. Box 2011, Jersey City , NJ 07303-2011 one of the country's leading free form stations. They are also host to the Long running Pat Duncan show, the caveat : To reach the Pat Duncan show You need to send him a SEPERATE Package to his attention.

91 St. George St, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2E8 CANADA. Great weekly radio show, that also has online reviews and a print fanzine. REally nice folks who will also update you even when they play your stuff!

13. CLOSE UP MAGAZINE P.O. Box 4411, SE-102 69 Stockholm, Sweden a regularly released Swedish Metal and hardcore fanzine that while in Swedish, is the biggest extreme music magazine in Scandinavia.

14.FLEX YOUR HEAD RADIO use their contact us page to get the address. While no longer having expansive site of links and info, they still have the radio show weekly- and since 1989!

15.PASAŻERPO BOX 42, 39-201, DĘBICA 3 POLAND long running but somewhat less frequnetly published polish hardcore and punk fanzine, makes up for it by being thick like a book when it comes out.


17. SHORT.FAST.LOUD: Stu Harvey, c/o Triplej,
GPO Box 9994, Melbourne 3000 AUSTRALIA. Australia-wide punk rock radio show of all stratas on the ABC.

18. DECIBEL MAGAZINE1032 Arch Street, Third Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107 USA while a primarily a metal Magazine, they do cover all sorts of extreme music and a number of free lance writers work for them that might be better contacts.

19. KDVS KDVS 90.3 FM, ATTN: PUNK DEPARTMENT, 14 Lower Freeborn,University of California, Davis, Davis, CA 95616 USA Freeform radio out by Sacramento, they have a dedicated Punk department and are friendly to DIY releases.

20. AMP MAGAZINEPO Box 1070, Martinez, CA 94553 USA while seemingly publicist driven by that larger strata of pro punk labels, AMP still does reviews indie, DIY releases and does reach the BORDERS/HOT TOPIC mall circuit where other DIY music has no outlet to reach ( and kids have no access to stumble accross and find) so whatever, send'em a promo.

21. PUNK AND OI IN THE UKPO Box 158, Leeds, LS27 7XP, ENGLAND Website /portal with interviews, tour dates and info and remarkably thoughtful reviews.

22.ANTI-EMO EMPIRE P.O. Box 5392, Milford, CT 06460 USA
Weekly streamed and live Radio in CT.They send out Regular playlists.

23. ATTACK FANZINE Krogh - Edgrensgatan 27 - 671 50 Arvika - SWEDEN Long running webzine and news portal.

24. TERRORIZERDark Arts Ltd., Unit 36, 10-50 Willow Street, London EC2A 4BH, UNITED KINGDOM " TERRORIZER is the world's number one magazine for extreme music of ANY kind"

25. KALXKALX Radio , University of California, 26 Barrows Hall #5650 , Berkeley, CA 94720-5650 Another free form giant, with everyone from Jesse ( Blatz) Luscious to members of JEWDRIVER behind the microphone.

part 2 later this week!