Wednesday, December 2, 2020

 GRIMPLE " Get Me Out of my Van I have No Key, Phil" 

Prank has a brand new two color offset cover printed at Econopress of it's repress of the debut GRIMPLE 7" "Get Me Out of the Van I have no Key Phil"  . These are limited to 80  numbered copies for sale and come in two different colors of vinyl, and also are packaged with two original Grimple stickers from the late 1990's. This Ep was originally released in 1992 on Owen Peery's label, Homemade Records. You can buy one HERE

Despite Issuing the record and having met Phil Brito, the story behind the single always escaped me so I asked Pat from Grimple about it. Who was Phil? Why was he stuck in the van?


“Phil” Phil Brito is from New Mexico. He moved to the Bay Area in the very late 80’s/early 90’s. He then became the guitar player for a band called Paxton Quiggly. Phil’s older brother Johnny Brito had moved to the Bay Area prior to Phil. Johnny Brito was in a band called 23 more minutes that formed in Santa Fe New Mexico and eventually toured and set their roots in the Bay Area. Johnny designed the circular Grimple image and the Grimple logo on the cover of the GUYA LP, as well as booking GRIMPLE’s first US tour. He was and remains a dear friend to Grimple.

Before Phil moved to the Bay Area, he was an immense contributor to the punk, metal and hardcore scene in New Mexico. Mostly in and around Santa Fe. He booked volumes of shows and brought touring bands from all over the country to our small local scene. Here are a few that come to mind...Corrupted morals, Dissent, Neurosis, Political Asylum, Dead Silence, Blister, Plaid Retina, NOFX, Anti Schism and the list literally goes on and on"

Pat asked Phil if he could write an explanation of what led up to us eventually using his note and face on our record cover. This is what he provided. 



Get me out of my van,

I have no key.


I had never expected to be on the cover of a Grimple record and the title to be a note I wrote alerting my mates to rescue me from my van. But that's how it turned out and it's a honor to have my mug plastered on a EP by the legendary Grimple! So here's the story behind it. I was living at California street house (later to become Grimple house) and came back home that evening only to find I had not taken my house key with me and had no way to let myself in. Well no one was home and I frankly didn't know when anyone would show up, so I thought to myself let me leave a note on the front door. Cool, paper and pen now the note, "Get me out of my van I have no key. Phil". So there I was all set, might as well get some sleep in my van until someone comes home sees my note and lets me in the house. I thought to myself, "well done and well thought out". Don't know how much time passed however Pat eventually came to my rescue laughing hysterically at me... I said what the hell is so funny and well he can give his take on how he interpreted my unfortunate/fortunate situation. 

I have even been told, "Are you the guy on the Grimple cover"? Well yes I am...

Sincerely, Phil"

So there you have it direct from Phil. 


" Anyway, as I recall I came home that night from doing that thing that punks do, and apparently not thinking perfectly straight. I saw this note stuck on the front door of the house. I read it “ get me out of my van I have no key, Phil”

I thought about it for a second, looking at Phils van. I thought to myself “ I know Phil parties but how the hell did he manage to lock himself in his own van. Can’t he just grab the door handle and let himself out?”

So I approached the van and opened the door laughing, thinking my friend Phil is not all there. I questioned him about it and he explained it was his house key he did not have. I told him what I thought and we both had a good laugh at my altered punk theory on what the situation was.  I saved the note. Shortly there after we recorded this 7”. 

4 songs on a record, a xerox machine, whatever was in Ira’s pockets at the time and a glue stick later... This record was released. 

On behalf of our entire band, Thank you to Phil and everyone involved in making this record happen. And a huge thank you to Prank Records and each and every person that has listened and supported our music over the years. Sincerely, we are eternally grateful.  -Pat Vigil"

GRIMPLE “ UP YOUR ASS” AND “A DARKER SHADE OF GREY”. will be reissued in early 2021 by Prank records.




Sunday, August 16, 2020



Sweden’s TOTALITÄR  originated from small town Hudiksvall in the mid-80’s silver age of Swedish Hardcore punk, releasing a few EP’s and touring the UK before disbanding in 1990. In 1994 the band reunited with new drummer, Jallo from NO SECURITY, to record what is arguably one of the best Swedish hardcore punk albums ever made, Sin Egen Motstandare “One’s own enemy” . Like any great punk record,  it’s a stark reaction to the world around them  with poignant, relevant lyrics but served as marker for the elevation to what would become TOTALITÄR’s trademark sound -  quick, raging blasts of riveting d-beat hardcore drawing influence from Classic DISCHARGE and early Swedish hardcore, but distilled to remarkable, catchy simplicity that masked incredible ingenuity within it’s straight forward template. Their prolific recording saw them record another  2 LP's, 2 split LP’s , 10 7””s EP’s and split EP’s with TRAGEDY, DROPDEAD and more, until a final live performance in 2003 at Pointless fest in Philadelphia saw the members dispersed to play in too many bands to count: MEANWHILE, DISSEKERAD, KRIG I HUDIK, INSTITUTION, KRIGSHOT, MAKABERT FYND, KATASTROF, KRIGSHOT, KVOTERINGEN, HUMANT BLOD and more.

Originally released as a CD-only release on the Finn Record label, “Sin Egen Motståndare”  was originally released on vinyl by Prank in 1997 and again in a remastered version in 2003. This edition is from the original 2003 metal work but pressed at RTI and presented in a stoughton tip-on sleeve with insert. Both the music and the message of TOTALITAR remain a vital inspiration, who’s influence has only grown with time, and we are proud to present this again. CD version is a straight repress from the 2003 remaster done at John Golden.

These will be available for Pre-order Monday August 17th at 12PM at  Mailorder copies come with 2 free TOTALITÄR  oversize "Bumper" stickers. A shirt design is also available. 

The LP/ CD will be available from distros worldwide.

Contact Prank directly or Ebullition records for wholesale information.

CROW "Last Chaos" LP / CS re-issue

Osaka's CROW formed in the early 1980’s explosion of Japanese hardcore, but have always been a distinctive, unique band even within that astonishing pantheon. Much of Early Japanese hardcore sought, refined and creatively interpreted primary and immediate influence from noisy UK imports by DISORDER and CHAOS UK, but CROW took its unique and deepest impression from DISCHARGE , with powerful vocals fronting distortion laden guitar driven charges. Unafraid to careen the high energy pace into complete musical destruction or ensnare you completely in a fist-pumping chorus driven anthem like the classic “Give Up All Hope” and “Anarchy. Chaos. Destruction”, The Osaka-era CROW existed for a few more years, appearing on the legendary “Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla” compilation before the band disbanded. A new iteration of the band began in the late 1990’s in Tokyo with prolific discography , toured US several times and continues to this day.

CROW “Last Chaos” Was originally released by the band in an ultra limited edition of 200 in 1987 and re-issued for equally scarce limited edition on Overthrow records in 1994. Both have long since become insanely rare collector’s items. This edition replicates the 14 song original with a high Gloss UV heavy weight 24pt sleeve, four inserts, a silkscreened patch, hand-stamped inner sleeves, sealed into a resealable bag with a crow logo sticker. Remastered by George Horn Mastering from original mix, the prank edition is pressed on three colors of Vinyl : 219 Blood Red Japan-only band color, 220 Clear splatter with two color red for US mailorder and 660 black vinyl. The cassette Version replicates the original record in it’s entirety in an extensive 7-Panel J-Card. 400 pressed with 300 black shell cassettes and 100 Mailorder copies with red shell cassettes.

These will be available for Pre-order Monday August 17th at 12PM at These will be available from distros worldwide. The numbers for Crow Vinyl are limited, and a second press is already in production. Contact Prank directly or Ebullition records for wholesale information.

They will be available in Japan via distributon from Mangrove / Record shop base.