Tuesday, April 19, 2022



GRIMPLE / LOGICAL NONSENSE " A DARKER SHADE OF GREY" LP  was Originally released in 1994 by Photographer Murray Bowles and Filth Bassist Lenny Johnson’s collaborative East Bay Menace label, this split combined two of New Mexico’s fiercest hardcore bands on one split LP. East Bay Transplants from Santa Fe, New Mexico GRIMPLE’s sound had become more harsh, caustic and acidic, retaining strong songwriting of their debut LP  but shedding some of their pop sensibilities for quick metallic riffing. Their brother band, Santa Fe’s Logical Nonsense had also begun to leans heavier, creatively arranged songs which front harsh guttural vocals and brutal crushing riffs pointing to the sound of their raging follow up LP’s on Tee Pee and Alternative Tentacles, and their influences of EXTREME NOISE TERROR, NAPALM DEATH and NEUROSIS.

This album has not been repressed since it’s original pressing in 1994.  Prank orignally approached Re-pressing it in 2002 when "GUYA" was re-pressed, but it wasn't until 2013 that the original tapes were baked and Noah Landis from Neurosis / Christ On Parade began remixing the record. There were several re-mioxes and tweaks until  completion in 2020 and  last year it was re-mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.  The packaging is true to the original but has been painstakingly recreated with slight upgrades, including a new 11x22” insert with band photos and lyrics. The CD version features a 16-page booklet. These are available from pre-order now at Our Big Cartel

We also created limited edition for mailorder  limited to 400 pieces and comes in a completely different 24 PT jacket, Different printed insert, Experimental Grey-Clear haze vinyl ( Looks grey on the turntable, unsual  when held to Light), two band posters,  A vinyl Sticker and a Pin. For initial mailorder copies We'll also send the regular edition insert as well. You can find this edition HERE