Thursday, January 10, 2008


Acursed " Tunneln I Ljusets Slut" LP's Showed up yesterday on a truck- Prank is now experimenting with a trucking company to move everything around California, as the UPS bills were just getting stupid. Less bills on things like freight, more records I can make/re-press, trying to economize.. originally Prank was just to do the CD Version of this LP and the great Swedish Label Putrid Filth Conspiracy were going to do the LP, as they have released the other Acursed full length and Split LP. In the intervening four years since "Tunneln" was recorded however, PFC have slowed down activity, ( just releasing a new, final LP by RAJOITUS - I haven't heard this yet, but their LP's digging all the way back to the '90's on DISTORTION and also Recent one on HARCORE HOLOCAUST both wailed) So now Prank is doing both formats. This was supposed to be out awhile ago, but all sorts of stupidity with the digipak CD printing held it up- the CD version should be done in a week / ten days

Anyway, the Acursed was a long journey waiting on the proper master, the Art, which is suprising once you see the minimalism of the LP ( there's no insert, there's even no SONG TITLES!) and I'm glad it's finally out. It's a total dim the lights, brew some coffee and play loud in the middle of winter kind of record and a great record to start 2008 with. Mastered by George Horn, pressed at RAINBO ( who did a stellar job with the colored vinyl- it's a weird milky clear- not quite grey, and no, not quite-ahem- "semen" either, dorks :). Rainbo are an efficient and great place to make records, but have automated presses, so there's a little less on the fly felixbility that you have at a place with hand presses ( G/z, Bill SMith) for weird colors, so I'm stoked they did such an excellent job here. Bored of Standard reds, whites, greens.

Here's my sales pitch for the Acursed :
"Brutal, devastating metallic hardcore from Sweden, over loaded with feedback as it blasts track after track of savagely shouted, throttling hardcore that slows only to deliver mid-tempo crushing blows . ACURSED, like many of the classic Swedish punk bands, are enigma that surfaces haphazardly to unleash a new set of harsh tracks, previously with several records on Sweden's PUTRID FILTH CONSPIRACY label and the DISTORTION label. Akin to the HIS HERO IS GONE / TRAGEDY/ FROM ASHES RISE school of dark riffs and mood, and the classic original " Prank Sound", " "TUNNELN I LJUSETS SLUT" is ACURSED's years-in-the-making prank debut, and one of the most bleak releases on the label yet- with minimal artwork, the band chose to not even provide song titles in the packaging to keep from distracting from the music and mood. Members also play in VICTIMS( Havoc Records), SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS ( Prank), SAYYADINAs ( Sound Pollution)."

Acursed have a brief interview in the new issue ( #55) of Profane Existence Magazine . As posted above the band only surface haphazardly, and Jon has been busy with SAYYADINA( the last Sound pollution LP - even if you get scared off by the "grind" tag was a really great record- combining that with your standard wailing Swedish punk influences that I think it has a broader appeal than most "grind' records...but just as much brutality, check it out) and VICTIMS have a new Lp out any day on Combat Rock Industry. I think Havoc is distro-ing this stateside . Acursed and SME drummer Anton is criminally not behind a drum kit right now, but is busy with Sanctuary in Blasphemy singing and playing guitar with the man, the myth, Jens on Drums. I swear if accordian and bagpipes got suddenly adopted into all Hardcore and metal, all these Swedish dudes would master that too.


boba said...

is "Tunneln I Ljusets Slut" debut LP of Acursed ?

PRANKREC said...

No it's their second and a half LP- they have another Lp on Putrid Filth Conspiracy as well as a split LP.