Monday, January 14, 2008


One of Prank's most anticipated releases to unleash in 2008 is the upcoming WORLD BURNS TO DEATH "The Graveyard of Utopia" 8 song LP. This was tracked initially at Our House studio in Tokyo after the WB2D 2007 Japanese tour. Our House is where many of the legendary Japanese hardcore LP's and Deathreat's "Consider It War" 12", the recent ARTIMUS PYLE 7" on Insane Society/ Too Circle, etc were recorded and This record features cameos from a lot of luminaries from the Japanese scene-Backing vocals on one track from Ishiya from FORWARD, Solos from Souici from FORWARD and Keiro from AKUTARE and a blazing solo from Chelsea from PAINTBOX...R.I.P..

Parts of the record were later re-tracked at THE BUBBLE in Austin with Frenchie Smith, who recorded SIGNAL LOST'S "Prosthetic Screams", and Signal Lost's vocalist Ashley even contributes some backing vocals to a track on this new LP. It's a different record than the last outing by WB2D " totalitarian Sodomy" as WB2D continue to evolve.There's some final studio and artwork tweaks and We hope to be in production by Mid-February.

This is a split release between Prank and HG FACT , with them handling the CD version and Prank releasing the vinyl. Since they've long been the headquarters of everything WB2D, Hardcore Holocaustwill handle the limited version of the LP when it's released, hopefully in May.

World Burns to Death are tenatively doing a short European tour of Northern Europe ( Scandinavia- Germany- Poland- Czech) in June. Jon has kids and a real job, so the tour has to be short and Can't go everywhere, but they are most likely hitting several major fests worth travelling for if you live in a different part of Europe. Here's the tenative schedule they're working with:

june 28th - july 12th 2008

28.06.08 SATURDAY / SWEDEN gothenborg -punk illegal fest
29.06.08 SUNDAY / NORWAY oslo - barrikaden w/ HEVN [NOR]
30.06.08 MONDAY / SWEDEN linköping - skylten
01.07.08 TUESDAY / SWEDEN malmoe - venue tbc
02.07.08 WEDNESDAY / DENMARK copenhagen - venue tbc w/ ANTIMOB [GREECE]
03.07.08 THURSDAY / GERMANY hamburg - hafenklang w/ ANTIMOB [GREECE]
04.07.08 FRIDAY / GERMANY bremen - friese
05.07.08 SATURDAY / GERMANY packebusch - yellow dog festival
06.07.08 SUNDAY / GERMANY dresden - az conni w/ PARTIYA [BELARUS]
07.07.08 MONDAY / CZECH REP praha - 007
08.07.08 TUESDAY / POLAND wroclaw TBC
09.07.08 WEDNESDAY / POLAND poznan - rozbrat w/ BLOODY PHOENIX [USA]
10.07.08 THURSDAY / POLAND gdyna (gdansk) - d.i.y. festival w/ FILTH OF MANKIND [PL]
11.07.08 FRIDAY / GERMANY berlin - koepi w/ RED HERRING [USA]
12.07.08 SATURDAY / GERMANY flensburg - hafermarkt sommerfest
Above photo linked of a set from the 2005 Prank Ten year anniversary show located Here


jack said...

Ishiya and Iizawa do backing vocals on 3 songs, Chelsea does guitar leads on 2 songs, with Souichi and Kiero doing guitar leads on 1 song each.

Tew handles all other guitar leads throughout the record.


STiG(NZ) said...

Can't wait for this, when's the street date on the LP?

PRANKREC said...

This should be out on LP by the end of the month, Hopefully in time for The Chaos In tejas, but there's specialty printing and a 12-page booklet involved, so probably May 28th.

The CD version on HG fact is out tomorrow and Prank will have copies available for mailorder next week.

Ricardo said...

Amazing record of most fuckin' hc band in the world at this time.
WB2D is very brutal and your lyrics are fantastic.Japanese participation is cool.
Cheers from Brazil!