Friday, January 25, 2008


Bizarrely, FLIPPER is playing at Amoeba Music on Haight Street in SF for free on Monday February 18th at 6 PM. I rarely go to reunions, having High expectations and then often having them shattered into pieces- I'd rather just keep the image in my mind of the band at their prime... but "Generic" and " Gone Fishin'" have been on the turntable a lot lately that the pull of this being 15 minutes from my house and, uh, FREE...Will probably get me out...though the bar here of my expectations is high and will be severly smashed if FLIPPER do not manage to drive every single customer not specifically there to see them irrevocably out of the store with torrents of droning noise.
Reading their Wikipedia Entry it seems in a weird turn of downward mobility the Punk scene has traded Pat Smear for Nirvana's Bassist, I guess What better way to find yourself in post rock star dom than to joinFLIPPER!
Above ancient Photo of Flipper from the Punk Globe Website, Which has a lot of cool old SF punk photos if you dig around it.

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Oliver / Cultpunk said...

There are all these bizarre (cash in?) reunion shows all over the globe. On a list I am on some older "punks" are excited about either The Jam or Stranglers reuniting to play shows -- I say "either" because it's either The Stranglers but with the singer of The Jam singing, or The Jam with someone in The Stranglers on board. I get mixed up. It's like "The Damned" now with only Cpt. Sensible, Dave Vanian, and ... Pat Morrison of Sisters of Mercy and Gun Club. A lot of these "reunions" are just these weird mish-mash super group things. A collection of aging punks under an opportunistic & arbitrary aegis/rubric/banner of this or that band, the name almost chosen at random, as if out of a hat. "We'll call this aging super group a reunion of, uhm, Blitz..." Also, I think of 45 Grave with only Dinah Cancer as the original member, but Rik Agnew of Xtian Death/solo on guitar, etc.