Wednesday, January 16, 2008

GAS "1982-1986" LP On Partners In Crime!

Partners in Crime are roaring back from a long break with a great re-issue of the legendary 80's cult band GAS from Hiroshima, Japan- this was issued awhile back on Arise Records from Japan on CD-only ( which you can get through Record Shop Base and is 20 classic tracks from that proto era of japanese hardcore- combining the quick attack of STALIN but starting to incorporate some of the more progressive and metallic infleunces of later Japanese hardcore.

This is the first time a lot of the material appears on hard Vinyl, being previously on ( now super collectable) flexis, some live sound board tracks. People here are probably most familiar with their couple of tracks off "The Punx" Cassette that was booted in Europe onto LP and everywhere a few years back.

I first Heard Gas when I used to tape trade with Phil and Dean from Extreme Noise Terror ( who, if you look a their site, are apparently playing Gilman Street, Portland and L.A. in Mid April ??) in the late 80's and early 90's, as they would tour there and bring back mounds of Records... They'd dub some of the best off on tapes for me and I'd then blast this stuff driving around rural Alabama, and re-listening to it now it's still stands up as distinctive and fresh material from a period where the Japanese Hardcore style was still evolving. Billy reports this vinyl version to mastered by Bob Weston so curious to hear the finished version from this new studio! Kudos to Billy and P.I.C. For making this available here!
You can get more info and order the record HERE

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