Tuesday, January 22, 2008


While compiling my "best of 2007" releases for Maximum Rock"n' Roll's next issue today, I was struck by the sheer insanity of happenings and tours in May of 2008. I already posted about The SYSTEMATIC DEATH / TRAGEDY shows, The SEVERED HEAD OF STATE / BLOWBACK TOUR and CHAOS IN TEJAS happening that month. But then Australia's STRAIGHT JACKET NATION are doing a full US TOUR. FRANCE's GASMASK TERROR are touring the East Coast with BLACK DOVE who feature ex-members of THE AWAKENING ( !!). Over at LA VIDA ES MUS Spain's INVASION's U.S. Dates are going to be posted soon. ( and stoked also to see Paco will do THE WANKY'S record on LP! Total cheese grater guitar distortion madness) and HARD SKIN are also doing more shows around the Tejas dates....Busy Month!!! IRON LUNG and HATRED SURGE will also leave for an Australian tour in Late May.

I guess it's a busy year in general for tours, with Sweden's FY FAN on tour on the west coast in March and Summer U.S. tours from L.A's AGAINST EMPIRE and awesome band GIUDA from Italy on tour this summer with AGHAST

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