Thursday, January 10, 2008


Timmy , who organized the last couple "Chaos In Tejas" as well as the "Prank Fest" that preceded it was just out here on tour with Bastards Sons Of the Apocalypse BSA played a great show at the re-opened ( and really swank) Benders with Needles, Acephalix and Dopecharge. BSA have tests of their new 12" on tour with them, which is a cool listen - it's VERY old school/ retro-sounding, but reminds me of a '80's SAVAGE BEAT records Like PIG CHILDREN,, where maybe it's not re-writing the wheel, but has the right spirit and energy and is done really well, though BSA lean much more on the D-beat than OC. More than recommended fun listen, even with the use of - google.images.noose for the cover. ( see "sunday Morning Einsteins "Sannigen Om" and tour records everywhere..)
Anyway Timmy is still trying to hammer out Headliners and everything for the fest, but it's on and the dates are May 15th,16th and 17th , once again at Emo's
He said, so far these bands are playing:

Hard Skin (England)
Fy, Fan (Sweden)
Straight Jacket Nation (Australia)
The Marked Men (Texas)
Brain Handle (Pittsburgh, PA)
Hatred Surge ( Texas)
Iron Lung ( Seattle, Wa)

but the roster will probably fill out surprisingly and signifigantly in upcoming months. Anyway, mark your calendar.

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