Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Chaos in Tejas for 2008.
May 15th,16th and 17th at Emo's
The confirmed line up now stands at:

Thursday May 15th (outside)
Roky Erickson and the Explosives
The Strange Boys ( Texas)
Pink Reason

Thursday May 15th (inside)
Hard Skin (England)
World Burns To Death ( Texas)
Fy, Fan (Sweden)
Under Pressure (Canada)
No Fucker ( Utica, New York)
Iron Age ( Texas)

Friday May 16th (outside)
Dillinger Four
Leatherface (England)
The Marked Men (Texas)
Straight Jacket Nation (Australia)
Iron Lung ( Seattle, Wa)
Hatred Surge ( Texas)
Brain Handle
Sacred Shock ( Texas)

Saturday May 17th at Beerland(early day show)
Social Circkle
and more T.B.A.

Saturday May 17th (outside)
Los Crudos ( reunion, for a benefit cause, stoked)
Crude ( Japan)
Tragedy ( Portland, Oregon)
Inmates ( Ohio)
Invasion ( Spain)
Repercussions ( members of Deathreat, Pedestrians, Cold Sweat, Signal Lost, Army Of Jesus)
Deskonocidos ( Texas)

after hours show on the lamar pedestrian bridg.
2 a.m.(when emo's end's)

You have to pay for both shows on thursday.they will be checking at the door that connects the 2 rooms.. Timmy says "sorry guys.roky ain't cheap."

And for what it's worth- on May 17th, unrelated to the fest there's a NEW BOMB TURKS reunion with the QUADRAJETS ( another fine export from Lee County, Alabama, Like Prank Itself) and SPACE COOKIE in emo's small room. You also have to buy a seperate ticket for this.

tickets are on sale now at
Timmy also says "they ( tickets) are selling pretty fast.i would say at least thursday and sat will sell out."

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