Friday, April 25, 2008


I posted awhile back how MAY is incredibly busy, and it's turning out to be one of the busiest months for Prank Yet. At the printers right now is The New World Burns to Death LP and You can check out a track of it at the Profane Existence Message board. The CD should hit shops in Japan next week, but the LP HOPEFULLY, HOPEFULLY will be done in time for Chaos In Tejas. WB2D are headed to Europe shortly after and will have the LP on Sale for the entire tour.

The Vinyl Version of the New GAUZE is also underway, though the tests came back bassier than expected and that might push this into June.Both the initial Presses of WB2D and GAUZE are being done on heavy weight sleeves, stoked.

Also in Production are the Prank vinyl versions of Paintbox 's two LP's "Singing Shouting Crying" ( which had a Canadian Press a few years ago on the recently re-invigorated Ugly Pop label) but is being re-issued with new artwork, lyrics, mastering and a slightly different A/B side, and the long awaited vinyl issue of their classic Second LP " Earth Ball Sports tournament" , which will receive a deluxe gatefold treatment.

Also in the works with HG FAct is a split 7" release between SIGNAL LOST and japanese band PROTESS, which features two tracks from each band. Singal Lost also have a song on the "Viva Kopi" benefit sampler LP , with a DIRT cover! A benefit for the Kopi Squat in berlin which appears to have a reprieve from developers. Awesome!

We also have everything in now for the new AVSKUM LP/CD, their fourth LP which the band says is their best record yet. This will go into production in May and should be out for Punk Illegal!!

*** UPDATE- Just finally got the hear new AVSKUM: HOLY COW!!!! They were Not Kidding!!!!!!!NEXT LEVEL!

Finally, Out any Day is CHRIST ON PARADE " Live and Loud" LP/CD which ended up taking longer than Expected to finish. This is an "evil Live" styled treatment of a live set from their 2007 tour recorded on KFJC and features the set they were doing on the tour with tracks from all eras of the band and is limited to 550 copies on Green vinyl and 600 CD's. CHRIST ON PARADE just completed a successful tour of Japan and is contemplating a fall East Coast tour with select West coast dates as well.

At the Same time We also will finally have CROW " live at GIlman" DVD on crow records for sale.

We have just re-pressed the GRIMPLE " Get me out of the Van I have no Key" 7" Debut on Clear vinyl, The first HIS HERO IS GONE 7' " the dead of Night In Eight Movements" on Clear vinyl, the DROPDEAD / TOTALITAR Split 7" EP on multi-colors of vinyl, HIS HERO IS GONE LP/CD's "fifteen Counts Of Arson"and " "Monuments To Thieves" and AVSKUM "Punkista"LP on purple vinyl.

Like I said= Busy! Prank pretty much has the summer off after that, taking time to pay some folks, re-press a few other things and will roar back in the fall with IN/HUMANITY Re-issues, SUNDAY MORNIING EINSTEINS LP and a few other things up our sleeve. Meanwhile, because we're not busy enough :) , and since postal rates are about to go up and the dollar is at an all time low, we've launch a one-week "buy wholesale" sale. Details at a number of online spots, but try My post a Viva La vinyl about it Brew More coffee!

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