Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It's been a few years since THRILLHOUSE records opened in San Francisco- it's still the cheapest place in town to pick up the latest stuff distributed by Ebullition and No Idea, and in carrying up the smelly torch dropped by Mission Records, throws cool shows pretty often in it's basement and has spawned it's own cool THRILLHOUSE label ..

Now the East bay also has it's own punk record shop from the label 1-2-3-4 Go Records . It's a very "tokyo" styled shop-small, well organized and with a good mix of new and old stuff and I've already picked up a bunch of great stuff there ( including that Lost and Found government Issue 7" pictured on their site!). Was there Friday and it was packed with shoppers already! Both of these places have a full stock of Prank records titles.

I've still yet to be at/ find Bill Jackson's ( strung Up, Instant asshole, Born/Dead's) shop somewhere in Oakland that's reported;y a combination of Weekend Skate ramp, skeezy Used VHS tapes and Punk Records- (bill assured me they were doing the shop with everything Record wise at low, punk rock prices), but soon I promise soon I will dust off my Gibson Zorlac and head over.

GEARHEAD Records has a Storeabout two years old in Woodland, not too far from Sacramento that stocks a lot of awesome garage rock, Prank titles and also has nice vintage style clothes and accessories. Woodland is chock full of Killer thrift stores, so it would be a great day excursion from the Bay or Sacto.

Accross from AMOEBA on Haight Street, a DJ store has morphed into SHAXUL RECORDS which features a solid selection of Heavy metal and some punk-including Prank Releases-but an impressive array of Metal shirts and accessories, The store seems like it's still expanding, so drop in when you're up on Haight Street and See what's new.

As always there's the classics- AMOEBA ( now with an expanded "punk" section), STREET LIGHT, RED DEVIL, TIME TUNNEL TOYS and other places in the Bay area to pick up new and used punk. Check Prank records's guide to the bay area which I promise I'll fix the HTML on shortly....


mike said...

just curious: why the quotes around the word "punk" when talking about Amoeba's punk section?

PRANKREC said...

Just to signify it's a seperate section than rock, soul or new arrivials...We're not questioning it's punkness and think it's awesome AMOEBA has finally given "punk" :) it's own section!